Whirlee-Good Fun!

The Boy loves scooting around on his ride-ons and gets so much pleasure from driving around. The main problem with most of them is the manoeuvrability factor though. Steering of course removes part of this problem but the, often large, wheels can be slow to respond or have too large a turning circle.

We were recently sent a new ride-on for The Boy to try. The Whirlee, designed by Mookie, is a very different type of ride on as it uses four small wheels which turn 360°; think of an office chair! It has a stable wide base and centre of gravity, preventing falls, and a handle at the front for steering cut out of the main bulk. The position of the handle is also very natural for children to hold onto and steer.

As you can see, The Boy finds it so easy to turn whilst scooting around and as it's designed for infants and pre-schoolers then it's at a good height of the ground. I would say that The Boy is tall (90th percentile for height) and therefore his knees are probably a little too bent to benefit from it properly. However for children aged up to three (the average age for his height), they'd have a great time on it, turning and changing direction at the drop of a hat.

The Whirlee would also be great for multiple children, like in a playgroup because they are designed to be stackable and weigh just 865g. The weight make them very easy to take out and about with you.

Available in red or blue, The Whirlee retails from £9.99 (from both Cuthberts and Mothercare) so it would make an affordable and impressive gift for any toddler or confident walker.

We were sent the Whirlee for the purpose of this review. My opinion is both honest and unbiased.

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    I love the Whirlee, jack went on his the other day on the drive, in the narrow gap between the car & the wall & managed to do a complete 180 degree turn with scratching the car! I was impressed…. very much reminds me of the trunki too..

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