ShowOff ShowCase: The One About Food

There seems to be a tsunami of food posts around at the moment! Linkies, competitions, recipes. You name it, most bloggers have got one or two posts in the past few weeks to do with culinary delights.

Being the type of person who hates to miss out on anything, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and choose 'food' as this fortnight's theme for ShowOff ShowCase. However, it doesn't have to be recipe to rival Mrs. Beeton or Mr. Ramsey; it could be a tale of food, a memorable meal, a humourous tale involving shellfish or sweetcorn.

Dig out your old posts that meet the very vague criteria, whack my badge at the bottom and link it up. See if other people enjoy your experiments of  being a Fanny or a Heston.

Go on, for this is The One About Food!

ShowOff ShowCase


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