Friday Funny

Earlier this week when tiredness was extreme and patience low, The Boy seemed to sense me inability to reason and continued to push and push. I'm trying extremely hard at the moment to get him to say "I'd like…" rather than "I want…". He does use 'please' at the end, but "I'd like" sounds so much nicer.

After half a day of "I want… I want…" and being told "no", I eventually came out with "Well I want a million pounds but that's not going to happen either, so give it a rest!"

I know. It was pointless and an example of how not to talk to your little one. However, I was tired.

He's just finished his tea and all I could hear him saying was "Mummy, do you want a million pounds? Daddy, do you want a million pounds? I was a million pounds." Only imagine it with a slight Dr. Evil twang.


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    Awww. Bless him. Its hard to be patient when you are tired isn't it? Z has started saying 'please may I……' i think it might have come from school. I always want to give him what he is asking for when he says it as it sounds so sweet and polite.


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    its worth persevering. My grandchildren now always use please may I…leave the table, undo my seatbelt, have a drink, and thank you when you give them anything
    They use excuse me and wait if they wish to talk when 2 adults are talking. thought this one took a bit longer, Bob thought as long as he said excuse me that meant he could come in…they are 5 and 8 so it does work if you are persistent. (only time he allowed to butt in is of he feels the start of an anyphlactic reaction coming on and he needs help)

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