I've just completely lost it with Mr. TheBoyandMe over something ridiculously small, but of course vitally important. Unfortunately I did it in front of The Boy which, having grown up with arguments galore, I have always tried not to do.

We were sat down at the dinner table eating whilst this tirade was happening, and as much as I tried to remain calm, I was finding it difficult. In the end I thought I'll belt up now because my point is not being understood and I'm just repeating myself.

A silence descended over the table while I stabbed at my carrots, broken by The Boy's babble of "Daddy, you naughty. Mummy, you cross. Mummy, you not cross. Daddy, you not naughty. Mummy, you happy?" and I started to feel bloody awful about myself for putting him through that.

He then pulled his t-shirt up (while he was sat in his highchair) and started fiddling with his buckle. I repeatedly asked him what he was doing but he was so busy concentrating that he didn't listen properly. I turned his head slightly and said, "Look at mummy. What are you doing?"

He looked me fully in the face with his eyes wide and said "I'm itching my willy, Mummy"

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  1. Mum2Four says

    So did you laugh or cry? Boys & their willies – nightmare.
    I remember Eldest sitting on the chair (aged 2) and saying to me "look Mummy" as I turned round I saw he had been playing & his willy was now standing to attention – I was speechless!!

    • says

      remember my son going through a phase of that, even showing his 2 yr old girlfriend and his sisters when they were in the bath. often wondered whether to ignore it or tell him off, but ended up just trying to explain to him quietly that it wasnt done in public. oh the long term problems if you get it wrong!!

  2. mammywoo says

    Ha ha ha tension breaker! I love him so much he is adorable!

    I always try not to argue with the irish one in front of addy too but sometimes it is just impossible. And i suppose the boy's reaction proves he wasnt really affected by it. be kind to yourself missis xx


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