Boxing Clever

Last night on twitter, I was chatting with some lovely folk about how our children, as all children do, prefer to play with a large cardboard box than the toys that were inside it. We shared a few pictures back and forth through twitpic, and I realised that actually there was a wealth of ideas for the brown cuboids.

However, when it comes to making something from it, the only thing that springs to my mind is a house.

I know that's what I seem to repeatedly make for The Boy, as he is yet to come out with ideas himself other than a boat for Mr. Meerkat. Although possibly even at two, he could be construed as having more imagination that his mother.

Boxes are such a brilliant resource to stimulate imagination, and in this modern time of plastic play it is essential to teach the next generation about reusing and recycling.

But most of all, it's fun!

I'd like you to link up with your posts or pictures of what you and your children have made with cardboard boxes. Have a nose at the other ideas, see what else you can come up with. The linky (thanks to Maggy) is open until the end of October.

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    I'm not at all crafty,I'd stare at a box for ages and then probably decide to store something in it but my Mum has just started to make a play kitchen or oven (or something like that! for Leo

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    Oh I wish I still had the cooker my sister-in-law made from a cardboard box. She actually sewed buttons on it to act as knobs, and coloured paper plates for the hob. She is way more crafty than me and my kids love her! They 'helped' make it and it provided a lot of fun afterwards!


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