Green Laundry Liquid?

"Would you like to review some Ecover?"

Um, yes please!

So, Ecover sent me Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Amongst the Flowers Fabric Softener. I've been using the Non-Bio Laundry Liquid for several years now and I cannot sing its praises enough!

We're sensitive souls in this house and so have to be quite choosy with our washing detergent. Some of the standard liquids are fine but generally one of the three of us will start itching within five minutes of wearing clothing washed in biological liquids. And well, powders don't seem to dissolve properly.

Ecover is magic stuff! It is kind to skin, environmentally friendly and smells gorgeous. I cannot even begin to convey to you how much I love smelling newborn baby clothes that have been washed in Ecover; they just smell heavenly and I used to bury my face into The Boy's clothes and inhale deeply.

They have also created Plant-astic bottles! They've come up with a system that uses sugarcane to make the ethylene which makes the 'plastic' bottles! It is 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable.

The concentrated laundry liquid sells for £6.33 (750ml) and the softener is £1.83 (750ml), both do between 21-25 washes as they are concentrated.

I was sent this product to review. My opinions are honest and based on years of using it.

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  1. says

    It's lively stuff. I hate washing liquid with artificial strong smells – it's just a load of toxic chemicals & not only does it smell awful, it irritates little ones skin (& mine).
    Ecover is lovely stuff, biological, not strong smelling and all of the nice stuff you mentioned.
    Damn it – are they not letting you give it away :o)

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