The Gallery: Happiness

This week, we've been ordered to be happy! Tara says:

Let's shine a bright light.
This week's Gallery theme is: A Happy Memory

I could be predictable and show you a photo of The Boy when he was first born, or playing on the beach, or even when my 12 weeks scan, but I've decided to rewind further than that.

I'm going back to 1980.

Get your knitted cardigans and flared jeans out now.

I was only three years old and the youngest of four children; two boys and two girls in that order. My eldest brother (incidentally the only one of the three who knows the name of this blog and therefore might read this) is twelve years older than me, and was great fun to play with. He's good with littlies.

The four of us used to play for hours and hours in the garden, it was a real treasure trove of imaginative lands. Obviously with such a big range in ages between us, there was only a small window of time when this play existed. A year earlier and I was still a toddler, two years later and my eldest sibling had discovered the pub! However, during those few golden years we would race around in go-carts, splash in our paddling pool, chase each other with the hose-pipe, build tunnels in the snowdrifts, get tied to the cherry tree by our plaits (although that might just have been me) and make marvellous mud pies.

Here, I'm making my eledest brother better with some special medicine, otherwise known as a leaf.

They really were the golden years of childhood, I hope that The Boy enjoys his as much as I did mine.

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  1. mum2babyinsomniac says

    They are fab memories and I love that photo! You were so cute, your little boy looks so much like you! If you compare the side view of you and the side view of him at the top, they are identical, amazing! x

  2. Mum2Four says

    What wonderful memories to have & what a great picture!

    There is a 12 year age difference between my eldest & youngest and they love each others company and I hope it will continue, although I doubt when the eldest is suffering from a hangover that he will want his younger brother jumping on him?!

    The Boy also looks so like you!

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