TRU Review: North Pole Camouflage

Written by Mr. TheBoyandMe who has commandeered this game.

I'm starting to suspect that, somewhere in a deep dark basement, the people who run Smart Games have Ernő Rubik tied to a desk and forced to invent games for them (and not simply as punishment for inventing the Rubik's Clock).

With Camouflage North Pole, Smart Games have another head-scratcher on their hands. 48 different pictures, each representing a different arctic landscape, make up the individual levels of difficult, whilst six mostly transparent pieces are provided that fit into a four-by-four frame; each has either a polar bear, a fish or both printed on it. The challenge is simply to lay these six pieces onto the map so that all the polar bears are on the land and the fish are in the sea!

It takes a few levels to get the hang of how to play, so its advantageous that the first 12 levels give the position of one of the pieces. Once past there, the difficulty ramps up nicely to the verging-on-impossible Expert levels.

One aspect that has been thought through specifically is the packaging; Camouflage itself comes in a rigid plastic box that the individual level cards fit snugly into along with the six puzzle pieces, with a recess in the lid to complete the puzzles in.

As games go, it lacks the “fun” element present in its stablemate “Anti-Virus” that can keep younger children trying different solutions for hours upon end. However, the frustration factor of “just one more try” means that elder children are likely to return to the individual puzzles again and again until they finally crack them.

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We were provided with this game, free of charge, in order to review it for the Toyologist programme. Mr. TheBoyandMe's opinion is unbiased and honest.

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