Tempting Tempura

This week's Silent Sunday features a plate of food, which was last night's tea.

I am the type of person who eats something new, likes it, sees a similar recipe and mixes them up. I'm like my mother in that respect; rubbish at following a recipe. My Christmas cakes will always have fruit in them that has been soaked in whatever alcohol that's been left in the cupboard: Malibu is quite an interesting one. I see something and adapt it without researching. Before I started writing this post, I checked Tempura Vegetables recipes and came across this one from the BBC Good Food Guide which is when I discovered that I was ignorant enough to not know that Tempura Vegetables were Japanese. I know, I felt well foolish!

It all started when I had them about two months ago at a pub. Then on Thursday, I was perusing the decadence that is Reluctant Housedad's Recipe Shed and I noticed his recipe for onion rings. Following a twitter conversation with him, we decided that I could manage without gram flour and I could use beer instead of water. See already they're not proper Tempura Vegetables. Oh, and I added paprika.

I know, shoot me now!

Anyway here, it is:

A load of chopped up vegetables. The courgettes were rubbish, I wouldn't do them again: too soft.

200 grams of flour and half a pint of Carling, darling. Plus two teaspoons of paprika.

Then dip the vegetables into flour on both sides before dunking in the thick batter and transferring to a pan of hot, hot oil.

Regardless of what Helen from The Crazy Kitchen says, the carrots were yummy.

And while the courgettes look good, they were a bit bland and 'wet'?

When all was cooked, I 'plated up' (oooh, check me out!). I used plain white crockery to show the colours off, two ramekins containing sour cream and sweet chilli dip (I bought it, don't bother asking me for the recipe, Tesco would be better informed) and we ate with our fingers!

It was scrummy!

Recipe Shed

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  1. says

    hey I never said that they would be bad….just was a bit unsure! Maybe you should've left the courgettes overnight with salt on to drain out the water…..I've seen it done with Aubergine….I know, I know, you didn't have 'overnight'….
    they look scrummy anyway…although the one on the bottom right does look rather 'chickeny'!

  2. Alli Marshall says

    I always salt aubergine & courgette for an hour before using to draw out the excess water.
    Sprinkle with salt & then put in a sieve with a weight on them & let the moisture fall away.
    Not that I'm a top chef or anything – it was a tip I got from My Delia "How to Cook" book 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Now that is an excellent idea; I'm going to try that again next time! They'd have been so much more tasty like that. Wonder if it would work on the peppers too, because they were also a bit wet. Thanks for the top-tip!

  3. says

    They really do look the business. I cooked onion bhajis again last night, adding some baking powder to the gram flour, plus chilli, cummin, salt and pepper. Was sensational. Thanks for joining in. Going to do a vegetarian theme every month from now on. Next week's theme is SPICES

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