Plenty Of Calm, But No Storm.

Since The Boy has turned two, I've realised that life is hurtling along in a voyage of transition! This summer I set myself six tasks: I've done one of them. However it is the most important one of the lot and we've pretty much achieved it. Potty-training.

Last week, we went to the cinema and my mum babysat The Boy. Coming home, I discovered that she'd had a hell of a time getting him to sleep, so this is the next thing that needs to change. At present his bedtime routine is good: no television from 5pm onwards, quiet play for half an hour before bed, bath (every other night), milk, brush teeth, potty, pyjamas, book, then mobile on and lights out. It's what happens when lights out is the problem. We've always cuddled him to sleep, and for me he goes quickly. However, for hubby it can be more than an hour of fussing, as it was for my mum last week.

Now clearly, at the age of 26 months this has to stop. Therefore when I was contacted and asked if I'd like to review a new bedtime CD ofclassical bedtime music I was more than happy to type the words "yes please" as quickly as my three typing fingers would allow. (Yes, I have all 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, but can only type with three of them!)

Mixed Blessings is a relaxing and magical CD full of specially written piano compositions. The very talented Sheena Coote created these classical musical pieces to help her own children relax into slumber, unwinding from their day and helping them slip away on the cloud of sleep. The CD is 25 minutes long and contains delicate and soothing music enabling calm and pleasant thoughts.

I'd already bought a CD player for The Boy's room, as it has always been my intention to have him listen to soothing music or a story tape, either before bed or as he is falling asleep. He loves his mobile, but we've found that he's developed almost a Pavlovian response to 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'! We've added Mixed Blessings into the bedtime routine, he listens to it when he is having his milk now, and he's very fond of the music, particularly tracks 4 and 10. Mr. TheBoyandMe has found that he is calmer to get to sleep now, and understand that he must be quiet and listen to the music.

We've had a fraught few weeks: holidays, overnight trips away combined with days out, potty training and another weekend away. Now that we are home for the forseeable future, and that The Boy is secure and comfortable with his potty training, I will be looking at adjusting the order of his bedtime routine so he isn't reliant on cuddles from mummy or daddy to help him get to sleep.

Mixed Blessings was released by Red Red Admiral Records and is available now from, iTunes, Amazon, Tesco online, emusic and we7. One thing is for certain, £6.99 of 79p a track is hardly going to break the bank, and what price can you put on a quiet and quick bedtime?

I was provided with a copy of Mixed Blessings for review. My thoughts and opinions are, as always, honest.

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  1. Debbie says

    Sounds lovely. I love music at bedtime. I always used to sing to mine till aged about 7&5 they asked me to stop. But relaxing CDs are a lovely idea.

  2. says

    I used to find that putting a CD on in Sam's bedroom was the only way he would have an afternoon nap….Jack has always had his Leapfrog Scout to lull him to sleep, until a few weeks ago when he refused to have it in his room any longer…thankfully he still goes to sleep…usually!
    Good luck with the change of routine

  3. says

    Interesting. We have the same problem. If I'm here, I always put the little one to bed although we are both part of the bedtime routine. She already has a lullaby mix on her ipod in her room (played through speakers)
    I take her to bed, brushes teeth, goes to the loo, put on lullaby mix, snuggle in bed and read a book. Then lights out, sing along to hush little baby when it comes on (track 4) and then sometimes I sing it again if she asks. But otherwise I lie next to her quietly while she falls asleep. From bed to sleep takes about 20 mins unless it's a bad night.
    With the hubby, it is not calm and she doesn't settle after the song. She messes around and it ends up with tears etc. If you try and leave the room she throws a paddy. Now I'm gonna be away 1 weekend a month (3 nights!) I am really worried about his bedtime routine because he so rarely does it that they are different. Not sure the answer!

  4. says

    It's a nightmare when they won't go to sleep. I remember many a night trying in vain to rock Amy to sleep. It's so hard knowing what to do for the best because you put them down and they won't sleep, you rock them, they sleep but then they won't go down again. Vicious circle.

    The CD sounds beautiful though. I hope it continues to keep your boy calm at bed time.

    CJ xx

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