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This weekend we travelled up to Manchester for various reason (that's a whole other blog-post!) and stayed in the rather lovely Premier Inn Trafford Centre West. When Mr. TheBoyandMe was putting The Boy to bed last night, I went down to the hotel lobby with my laptop and bought a drink. I then sat people watching, and this is the result.

21:30 I am sat in the hotel lobby while hubby puts The Boy to bed. People watching. There may be some random tweets that follow. More than normal.

21:31 The most 'manicured to within an inch of her life' woman has just teetered past me in orange 4-inch high heels. They matched her tan.

21:32 Her hair had not a strand out of place; evey highlight and lowlight knew where it should be, her false eyelashes needed a suspension bridge.

21:33 and Jesus Christ the hemline of her LBD almost covered her arse. It was a good St. Tropez.

21:35 Woman who came in this time last night has just sauntered back in with her filofax & laptop. I reckon she's head office.

21:36 (to someone who demanded a twitpic of the LBD's hemline) perv'. She's gone now, her and her orange heels and tan.

21:36 She's gone. I suspect her 'ride' had arrived 😉

21:37 And the 9yr old (?) boy who was hanging around last night is here again. Is that his mum or sister on reception?

21:38 Although not sure about the parentage of this boy. He seems to belong to the hotel, like a dog. Everyone knows him.

21:38 Now, is she Spanish or French?

21:41 She really shouldn't be wearing those tight salmon pink cropped yoga pants.

21:43 Two hippos wrestling!

21:44 Receptionist looks like she's seen a ghost. Foundation too pale, hair dye too dark, eyebrows too plucked & ponytail too tight.

21:45 Love seeing everyone struggling with the slow-moving revolving doors when they're an automatic door right next to it.

21:47 Two deaf people ordering at the bar. Barman not speaking at all. They look most amused at his signs. Pretty sure they can lipread mate.

21:49 Mate, you should not be wearing that bright green, silver sequinned top. Definitely not.

21:50 Who is this hotel boy? He's people watching as much as me, but the beauty of him being a kid is he asks people the questions I'm thinking!

21:51 Oh an Italian barman, but naff accent like Gino d'Acampo. Someone's ordered champagne.

21:53 Are they Spanish? Hmm. Dressed in puffa jackets in August? Definitely Mediterranean…

21:54 Ooooh someone's just brought in a Pizza Hut take out! Is he allowed?

21:55 Who is he? (

21:56 My word, that hair (

21:56 'Love Lipsy'? You also love peroxide and hairspray love

21:58 And tell your mum her bum's too big for those leggings #bitchytweet

21:58 I aim to offer a light entertainment alternative to the X Factor.

22:01 An 8yr old girl has just walked past pushing a pushchair and texting pn her crystal studded mobile phone. Where's her childhood gone?

22:02 OMG OMG! She's wearing tummy flattening pants under her salmon pink dress. I can see the waistband and bulge above. She's didn't need them.

22:04 I know. Although people keep looking at me oddly because I'm laughing at the laptop!

22:05 She's definitely his mum. Just handed him a drink of water (no, you're not having coke!).

22:19 Aha, now American accent when speaking English but Mediterranean looking? Aha, that would be Hebrew! They're Israeli. And ginger…

22:20 The receptionis has changed her top to a black one. Think that means she's on the bar now

22:21 Also, she's just shown him where Norway is on the computer screen.

22:21 These two blokes want to get into Manchester & can't understand why they can't get a taxi. #gaypride

22:21 I'll have those bhajiis if no-one wants to claim them

22:22 And I'm sure he was wearing a black shirt earlier, but now he's wearing purple and on reception. How random.

22:25 The bar is ever so busy. I'm wearing black, maybe I should go and help out?

22:26 Oooh now, he's got a purple shirt on but gone back to the bar! No no, you need to be wearing black to be on the bar

22:26 Now that's confused me. He's just called her Scarlet, obviously not his mum

22:27 Some bugger has left the automatic door open & now I'm cold

22:32 The nice lady who smiled at me came down for a drink with her daughter & was looking for a seat. Surrendered my place for her so am in room.

22:33 and now she's on reception again. All wrong!

22:34 I miss the lobby. Sod an early night, I might go back down in a moment. I miss the man in the green sequinned t-shirt.

22:37 When I go home, I may just go and find my nearest Premier Inn lobby and live there every Saturday night.

I know it's a load of old piffle, but there's now't so queer as folk!

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  1. says

    I think I will join you next time…we could tweet each other about everyone in the lobby…oh so much fun!
    and just cos I'm nosy…the person that demanded the pic of the LBD….was it Reluctant Housedad?? ha

  2. Alli Marshall says

    These tweets last night had me laughing so much, brilliant entertainment for a Saturdy evening.
    Where are you going next week?

  3. Jenny Paulin says

    Sorry I thought I had commented on this as I remember you tweeting this on the night . I love people watching – I could happily sit and do it for a past time!! Xx

  4. says

    I love people watching. This is the sort of thing the girls and I do over a bottle of wine and some gossip! My hubby always chooses the chair if we ever go for dinner (which is rare now) that faces out to see everyone!

  5. says

    Love this post, all the thing's that go through my head when I people watch especially when I see someone wearing thing's they really should not be wearing 🙂

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