Review: Snoozeshade

A few months ago, I was invited to review the Snoozeshade. It arrived and I was thoroughly impressed with it. The design was modern and funky, simple and elegant. The idea behind it: genius! Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to test it before The Boy outgrew his iCandy, and is incapable of falling asleep in the Maclaren. When I heard that the lovely Lauren from Real Housewife of Suffolk County had just had baby Harry, I asked her if she could review it for me. This is her adventure with the Snoozeshade.

Nap times have always been a bit touch and go with Charles, especially naps when out and about. He’d fall asleep in the car seat, and would remain asleep as we transferred him to his pushchair but then the brightness of the sun or harsh lights in shops would then wake him. He’s always been difficult to get to nap in a pushchair due to distractions and again due to it being too light. So, I was eager to review the Snoozeshade to see if it helped our problematic naptimes.
The Snoozeshade comes in a handy little mesh reusable bag, great for storage and for fitting in the basket of a pushchair or hanging from the handles.
We used this whilst on a day out. Charles had been walking around a lot and we noticed he was getting tired and could do with a nap. We placed him in his pushchair, walked around a little and then decided to attach the Snoozeshade.
The fabric is light and airy so there’s no fear that a child napping inside will overheat or become dehydrated. The Snoozeshade fit perfectly onto our pushchair [a Petite Star Zia], I always find it tricky to fit rain covers and thought this would be the same when in fact it was straightforward and quick to fit which impressed me immensely. At first Charles was unsure and did moan a little but within no time at all he was asleep. It worked! I couldn’t quite believe it at first and did keep checking on him to make sure he wasn’t just pretending.
There is a handy zip at the front which makes it easy to check on your child, there’s also another zip at the front which opens incase your child needs a little more air or light, Charles is afraid of the dark so we kept this zip open so he had a little bit of light available when he woke up.
He slept for approx 45 minutes which is great for a child who never tends to nap in a pushchair! A couple of days later Charles had fallen asleep in his car seat, we planned to use the double buggy to transport him, but remembering we had the Snoozeshade in the basket we decided to use the single pushchair to see if it kept him asleep. One whole hour later he eventually woke up! Amazing!
For that reason, I recommend this 100%, and it will be living in the basket of our pushchair and hopefully will be getting a lot of use.

I was sent the Snoozeshade in order to review. When my monkey of a son refused to sleep in the pushchair, I asked Lauren to review it and sent it over to her. Our opinions are honest and unbiased.

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