Sizzling Sausages Struck by Lightning!

I am discombobulated.

It has just been thundering and there have been flashes of lightning. Today's date is 25th August and we've just had a thunderstorm. I haven't had my summer yet where I have lounged on my sun-lounger with my toddler playing alongside me in the sweet smelling summer grass. I haven't got a cushion for my sun-lounger and the grass is far from sweet-smelling.

But that's not the point!

I haven't had warm, soft, balmy evenings with the jasmine and honeysuckle sweetly scenting the air, the condensation from my glass of Pimms trickling over my fingers and friends laughing while the barbecue sizzles in the background.

Even before The Boy, I don't think we had a barbecue like that. Let's face it; the barbecue always manages to smoke everyone out, Mr. TheBoyandMe is usually worried about the chicken cooking all the way through, I forget the tray of jacket potatoes in the oven (true story! The oven had been turned off post cooking, but the next day I opened it to find 25 beautifully crispy jacket potatoes on a baking tray. We had potato salad for days afterwards), we run out of lagers but have too much rum left over (why do I buy it? No-one drinks it), and half way through the evening we have to come inside because it's too cold or raining!

However, did you know that the British are spending more on summer barbecues than they do (per person) on a summer holiday? The average amount per summer season of barbecues is £724.02, with an average spend of £141.67 per barbecue! Now bearing in mind, I haven't had one this summer, that means someone has had some marvellous barbecues and not invited me!

Apparently though, it's not just the hosts who spend money; it's the guests too! Gracious guests spend over £22 on goodies to supplement the already groaning feast-laden table. When I read that factoid, I'll admit to thinking: if each guest spends £22 on goodies, all I need to do is co-ordinate what they're bringing and I needn't spend a penny!

It's the last bank holiday weekend before Christmas (!) this weekend, it should be the time to have one last almighty bash at a fabulous barbecue. I won't be able to partake as we binned the underused and rusted barbecue last year (I'm vegetarian, he's a meat-eater, it never worked out easily), but here are some top tips to help it go well:

These factoids have been taken from The Pimm’s Summer Time Report, conducted in June 2011 by One Poll, which surveyed of 3,000 UK men and women, 25-45 years old. I wasn't asked to write about it, I've not been given anything, I just wanted to moan about the weather and show off my photo of one of my favourite drinks!

Please drink responsibly.

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  1. Helen says

    It's been a lovely day again here today….in fact our grass is so dry I think I need to go and water it before it dies… can guarantee that if we arrange a BBQ it will rain though….not that we will be having one on Monday as hubby always works bank hols.
    You should get a gas BBQ, I use ours to cook all year round…saves getting the grill dirty!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It has been lovely for most of the day here; rained a little first thing, brilliantly sunny then the thunderstorm! Been thinking about a gas barbecue, next year maybe, or see if I can pick one up in the sale.

  2. says

    We have the same problem. Me veggie. him carnivore. He spends the whole time moaning about having to cook stuff for me and the kids first. Last time we had a BBQ, he was just about to finally tuck into a burger when the 4yo started quizzing him about why he was eating meat, and pointing out sheep and cows roaming round the next field in the campsite. He wasn't best pleased with us.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Ha! Love the honesty of children, brilliant. Didn't think about our stuff being cooked first. Do you just wrap it in foil then and keep it on the side to keep warm?

  3. says

    I love BBqs, but we've had one this year and that's it! I turn into a total carnivore when we have them and can scoff burger after chicken wing after sausage. Then feel a bit sick afterwards! They're quite pricey aren't they!

  4. Alli Marshall says

    I love a good BBQ not least because it means I get a respite from cooking for my tribe, I am quite happy for sexism to rear it's head when it comes to BBGing & I allow my OH to cook the burgers, bangers, kebabs, chicken wings etc etc.
    Funny how we always have meat with a bit of bread when it's a BBQ I wonder if that's because it's not a man's job to prepare a salad!

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