Review: Hiku the Penguin

Hiku is the tale of a penguin who wakes up feeling grumpy one morning. Everything about the day was wrong (I know how he feels today) made worse by the news of an impending visit from his extended family (yep, I can sympathise with that one too!).

Taking himself off to be a grumpy-guts on his own, he soon realises that he's lonely and bored. Hiku's mind wanders off to memories of past visits from his family and he soon realises that actually, they always have fun together! Rushing back to his family, he hopes he gets there in time to enjoy some more fun and make more memories… whether he does or not, well you'll have to read the book!

I liked the clever illustrations with every double-page featuring dozens of penguins. This isn't just because I like penguins, but because Hiku is distinct with his heart-shaped tummy, so every new picture was like a 'Where's Wally' fest which The Boy adored pouring over.

This is a lovely story focusing on the fun that can be had with family, beautiful illustrations, and a great spring-board for a variety of other activities and discussion points with your little one.

Hiku is availabale as a paper back (£5.39), as an app on the AppStore (£1.99) or as a PDF electronic book (£1.79) which would be perfect for little ones to interact with, or in the classroom as a big book.

We were sent this book for review purposes by TopThat Publishing. MY opinions are, as always, honest & without bias.

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