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We were lucky enough to be able to review the new Trunki Toybox which arrived just in time for our holiday to Dorset. The minute it arrived, The Boy was captivated by it and completely understood its purpose!

The Trunki Toybox has been designed as a travel toybox but with all the niftiness of the Trunki suitcase. Of course the main function of it is as a Toybox, and the green lid has two catches either end to secure it in place when being carried. Also on the lid of the Toybox are four wheels, one in each corner, which enable it to be turned over, sat on and scooted around on. All perfectly demonstrated by my able assistant in the above photos.

I asked The Boy what he wanted to pack for holidays and this is what he chose:

Yes that's right: two jigsaws, a kitchen towel tube and the iPod Touch! I dare say that he could have amused himself for a little while with that lot, but not a whole week, so I gave him a hand.

When I looked at the Toybox, I will admit to being sceptical as to how much could be fitted into it; he's got a lot of toys, we were going away for a week and it didn't look that big. That is where it is incredibly deceptive and I think Trunki drafted in Mary Poppins to help design and manufacture it. We actually managed to get all of this lot in, and there was room to spare.

A mini laptop, three cuddly toys, crayons, Tag Junior reading system and two books, Djeco puzzlebox, stacking cups, two puzzles, two sets of threading beads, threading cards, colouring books and a spinning top. Oh, and the iPod Touch but he was playing with it at the time which is why it's not in the picture. I think that's a lot of toys to fit in the compact and sturdy box (not forgetting that the box is itself a toy), which incidentally fitted in the car in his seat's footwell really neatly.

I think this is a really good travel toybox, sturdy and compact, easy to carry with a strong handle. It has been designed to link together with other toyboxes to make a chain if need be; maybe if you had more than one child and they had a toybox each then that could be quite good fun. The one thing that I will say is that personally I feel the wheels could have gone in the base of the box rather than the lid, as in order to ride it you have to turn it over, therefore tipping the contents upside down. Just a minor point which might well be a personal preference.

Overall, this toybox was a God-send for our holiday and will definitely be used time and time again. At £19.99, and available in either pink or blue, I think it's a very good buy and an essential for any holiday!

I was provided with the Trunki Toybox for the purpose of this review, free of charge. My opinions are as always honest.

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