Our Wee-k in T-wee-ts!

I've tweeted a little bit, a fair amount, quite a lot this week about The Boy and our potty training experience. Reading back through them, it shows a massive journey for my little man. I may have felt like going mad at times, occasionally rocking in frustration and due to cabin-fever, but we seem to have done it.

Just thought I'd share the change:

Saturday 13 August 2011
09:51 10 mins into #pottytraining. He's just done his first tried for wee on the potty. Wahoo! Be sure it's a different story in an hr.
10:12 Wee no.2 on potty #pottytraining
10:18 Oh no 🙁 #pottytraining
10:19 Don't worry everyone it won't be wee/poo tweets from me all day. Can I just ask what do you say when he has an accident? Show him? Explain?
12:26 #pottytraining Ok so we're doing lunch at the mo with a towel under him & limited drinks at the beginning. 10 successes so far, 2 accidents
12:58 #pottytraining We got through 45 minutes of lunch with no accidents! Wahoo. Asked to go once, taken once, success!
16:34 Right, nap over, he's properly come to, nappy off, pants on, round 2 'ding, ding'.

Sunday 14 August 2011
09:46 He's only done 1 wee in the past hour. Progress or an imminent disaster? #pottytraining
10:13 #pottytraining Just wet a bit & managed to get follow-through on the potty. Never mind, all part of the training
12:45 Question re: #pottytraining Day 2 & he's having more accidents but he's telling us that he wants to go as he's doing it. Is this progress?
16:36 I know none of you care but he's just done his first deposit on the potty! Wahoo! #pottytraining

Monday 15 August 2011
07:57 Morny. Going to be flying solo today with the potty training, wish me luck and patience!
19:47 You know this #pottytraining lark? I think he's doing ever so well. 30-45 minutes between sittings

(I was incredibly busy that day unsurprisingly. Not enough time to tweet!)

Tuesday 16 August 2011
01:03 Reading Gina's 'potty training in a week' (yes I know I'm on day 3!) & thinking "really? *Really*?" over so many things!
01:08 I mean, sitting him on the potty for 5-10 minutes every 15 minutes? *Really*? #pottytraining
01:17 Right, I'm talking to myself now, no-one else is around in the whole of twitter…
07:46 Morny!
08:04 Oh poo pants #pottytraining
10:29 #pottytraining He just said "I'm doing a wee" but hadn't actually started. Got him on the potty in time. Progress in the right way?
11:41 Ironing The Boy's bodies. He won't be needing them anymore will he? *sob* Where's my baby gone? #pottytraining
13:09 #pottytraining I prompted him but he's just toileted himself independently from pants down to back up again
19:24 I've been out! There's a world out there, with people in it! And they can say words and *everything*! #pottytraining
23:51 I have just spent £15 on a potette. Hubby has just asked me what something was in the spare room. Passed down from my sister? A potette!

Wednesday 17 August 2011
10:52 He just completely toileted himself independently! #pottytraining "Oh no, oh no, they're coming off" took pants down & went on the potty!
14:02 #pottytraining Sorry for this. I've just got him to sit on the potty & do a deposit! He made it happen! #firsttime
14:06 And then we had a little wee accident (but he got to the loo in time to finish) #pottytraining
14:10 All non-parents of infants/non child-related companies, sorry for my #pottytraining tweets this week, but it's real & our life this week!

Thursday 18 August 2011
10:26 Our buppy pads have arrived for the car seat, I feel happier going out in the car now #pottytraining
13:43 Poo. Literally. Everywhere. Note to self, when cleaning potty out from a no.1, leave another potty behind. #pottytraining
14:17 I feel a bit down after the no.2 accident, followed by the week one. Please reassure me!
19:52 #pottytraining Just stopped playing, pulled shorts & pants down & did a wee (on the potty). Hurrah, we're getting there!

Friday 19 August 2011
07:47 Biggest news today: His nappy was dry as a bone this morning. First time ever!
11:39 #pottytraining Twice today he has taken himself to the potty by himself.
14:49 #pottytraining You all want to know that there was no poonami today. Just a success!

Saturday 20 August 2011
00:31 RT: my hubby Son just woke up. Wanted his potty. Straight back to sleep afterwards. #pottytraining
09:06 Aside from the wonder that was The Boy waking up at midnight & asking to go on the potty, his night-time nappy was dry again. #pottytraining

And then I had some fabulous tweets of advice and support from some lovely tweeps, I started to name them all but the list got a bit ridiculous and I felt like I was accepting an Oscar! However, if you are embarking on potty training then I'd suggest you follow these three lovely ladies because they helped me lots and lots, and two of them were completely new to me:

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  1. Not Yet a Yummy Mummy says

    Yay well done to the boy! I was told boys are really difficult but our little monkeys show it's not that bad. With a good mixture of hard work, cabin fever and twitter, it's possible! x


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