Dare I Whisper the Question?

Today was a good day. A very good day!

It started when daddy picked him up from his cot after waking. He said "daddy, I do a wee-wee!" to which daddy thought 'aye well, you've got a nappy on mate, it's fine.' Daddy took his nappy off (The Boy's, not daddy's) to discover it was bone-dry and on the potty The Boy did the most enormous wee to ever come out of a two year old boy. That it the first time he has done it, but he was dry through the night!

By the time I cam downstairs he had taken himself off to the potty independently and done another tinkle after breakfast. During the course of the morning, he did this on a further two occasions! One of them was when he was excitedly playing with his adored cousins: just stopped and went to the potty, all by himself. At the moment I am staying with him and prompting him if needed, but he really seems to have got the idea of how to use the potty and each of the steps. He's even learnt how to put his shorts back on himself, even if he does pull them up to his armpits!

A couple of times I've tried to put him on the potty and he's got cross with me because he doesn't need to go, and he genuinely didn't. I guess the lesson there is that he now knows if he needs to or not!

After lunch today there was no poonami, you'll be pleased to hear! We followed the same pattern as onWednesday and he did a lovely big deposit for me. It's also interesting to see a pattern emerging of when he goes.

When he woke up from his afternoon nap, his nappy was bone dry again. Bone dry! Another enormous wee followed and then he lasted more than an hour and twenty minutes before he decided that he needed to go again. Playing in the garden after dinner, and building the Little Tikes house that Toys R Us have sent me him to review, he stopped playing and pulled his shorts down. The only problem there was that he was 15 ft from a potty and hubby and I were trying to screw the roof together. I've not moved so fast in an awful long time!

So basically, he is now going independently on his pot. Well, I say independently: decides when he wants a wee, pulls his shorts and pants down and goes, I give him tissue paper to wipe, he pulls up pants & shorts, we wash hands. That's independent isn't it?

As I'm typing this up, he has just called out to us in his sleep. He asked hubby to come in the room. Hubby went in and tweeted this message three minutes later:

Son just woke up. Wanted his potty. Straight back to sleep afterwards. #pottytraining

He just woke up and asked to go to the toilet!

So dare I? Dare I whisper it? Or shall I wait a few more days first?

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