And On The Eighth Day…

It's now exactly one week since we started potty-training with The Boy and I am over the moon at how well he has done learning to control his bladder.

The day started with yet another completely dry nappy, surely helped by him waking up at midnight and asking to go on the potty? That's two nights in a row that he's done that. I'm not counting my chickens before they're hatched, but I am pretty impressed that he was able to do that. Whether it was a deliberate or a coincidental waking, I don't know. I suspect his bladder was hurting from holding its contents and that woke him up. Hopefully he then associated the feeling and asked for the potty.

We've stopped charting the drinks and visits to the potty now, there doesn't seem much point. I know that he can last over an hour in between potty visits, and that he will take himself to the potty when he needs to go. The one thing that I've noticed though, and at the moment it is concerning me, is that he is, quit frankly, doing less poos. I don't know why. I've managed for the last few days to get him to go after lunch through encouragement, but not today. Not this is The Boy who used to be a two-a-day type of toddler. I'm hoping this will develop quickly!

The biggest thing we've done in potty training so far though is going out today! We only went to Ikea, which is five minutes down the road, and were out for a total of an hour and half. However, he remained accident-free throughout that time. He went (using the marvellous Potette!) when we were there and was perfectly happy for the entire trip out.

On the way back home we stopped at a corner shop to get some milk and bread, when he came out with "Mummy, I need a wee-wee." My heart raced and I jumped out of the (stationary, don't worry) car and called to hubby. He pegged it out the shop and we jumped back in the car. I'm sure I should have taken longer than two minutes to get home but there was nowhere to set up the Potette and it wasn't worth the effort. The clever little lad held it for that entire time with only the tiniest spot of wee on his pants, minute really. And oh boy, had he needed that wee!

I won't write up a daily post about potty training any more now because it's only going to include "he went on the potty!"

So, on the eighth day, she rested!

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  1. says

    That is so good. That is why we have the "My Carry Potty" in the car. I actually sit her in the car to go on it (I have a big car) but only had to do it once! Your boy is brilliant

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks Dawn, I'm so very proud of him. I did debate putting the Potette up in the back of the car, but my Scenic isn't as long as yours so there's no space left. Unfortunately he's too big for the My Carry Potty now, plus there's no splashguard for little boys.

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