Listography: Guilty Pleasures

It's been weeks since I've taken part in my one of my three favourite linkies, many apologies to the gorgeous KateTakes5. However, I can't let this one past: Guilty Pleasures.

  • Home and Away

Aside from a few random episodes a month or so ago, I've not seen this in well over six months, possibly even a year! For me it just hasn't been the same since the departure of this chap:

And no, before hubby looks at me and says "I always knew it!", it was not just about his cheeky grin and pecs but because he was funny, could act and actually brought some life to the programme. However, I may have to turn back on and enjoy the mannerisms of Alf and Marilyn soon, I need a little Summer Bay in my life.

  • Arctic Roll

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it's gorgeous! Simple as!

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Absolutely brilliant, at it's peak with Spike (phwoargh). Specifically the episode where everyone forgets who they are and he comes out with a torrent of typically 'English' swear words, and 'Once More With Feeling'.

  • Naff middle-of-the-road pop songs from the 90s

Let Loose "Crazy for You" and Steps were my all time favourites. Have both CDs and still listen to them. Don't care, deal with it.

  • Gossip Girl

Think what you will of me but it's bloody brilliant. If I was 14 years younger you wouldn't think so badly of me for fancying Chuck Bass, but he is a God and makes that programme amazing. Without him and Blair's on-again, off-again relationship, it would be just a Serena Van Der Woodsen fashion show!

Now pop yourself over to KateTakes5 and check out the other 50+ entries


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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Angel is just too complicated; give me some humour and sauciness anyday. Plus the long leather coat helps!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh mister, you need to get with the hip and happening crew! We all need a little Chuck Bass in our lives.

  1. says

    I can't watch Home and Away anymore. It's just not right that someone else lives in Pippas House! I loved Spike too…What's an Arctic roll? (off to google)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      But it's ok because it's Sally's twin brothers Miles who lives in it, so it's keeping it in the family?

  2. averagemummy says

    I have to admit that I am with you on all of those….but eating arctic roll and watching Buffy at the same time….now that would be a pice of guilty heaven!

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