TRU Review: Lettersaurus

LeapFrog have done it again! Another fun, easy to use and educational toy to help your toddler/pre-schooler learn and consolidate their development. This time in the shape of a friendly, purple dinosaur (but not an irritating one like that the one that shall remain nameless on this blog!).

There are three modes on the Lettersaurus:

  • Alphabet: press a letter button and it will say the letter name and then a word that begins with it, followed by an associated item.
  • Colours: press a letter button and it says the name of that colour.
  • Musical: each of the 26 letter buttons has a different tune attached to it. In addition pressing the buttons on his head makes him sing the Alphabet song.
  • Oh, and its head turns around.

Set-up was easy as there were no ties, but three simple plastic 'screws' through the base of the packagin; turn them 90° and the Lettersaurus is released. The toy can be personalised by following the really simple instructions to select the initial letter of your child's name; it took me ten seconds to do this. The dinosaur then says, e.g. "L! That’s the first letter of your name!" There are also two volume settings on the toy.

The Boy likes it; it was the first toy that he took out of the box when it was delivered. He likes listening to the different songs, particularly the Alphabet song, and we play with the colours section together by finding all the reds or yellows. He's not interested in the letters at the moment, the sounds that come after the letter are amusing and he likes the laughter but he's too young to really get anything from this.

I think the colours mode could have been developed by having the dinosaur say "Can you find another red? Well done", as it would have promoted more interactivity with the toy. I'm also not overwhelmed with the alphabet mode. As a primary school teacher, I do think it should say the letter sound and not just the name. This is where I find the toy confusing; it's aimed at 12 months+, so why have letters on there at all? I know it's called a Lettersaurus but to fully promote that side of it, it should work with the phonics which is what pre-schoolers use to help them learn to read.

I find its purpose confusing and think it has a limited life with The Boy at the moment, when he has the LeapTop which does basically the same thing but so much better. Younger children (i.e. 12 months+) might enjoy it more, but for us it's not challenging enough in its learning or play purpose.

A simple, fun and engaging toy for 12months+ but there are better toys around for 2years+

(£14.99 – Toys R Us)

This toy was provided free for review as part of the TRU Toyology programme. My opinions are, as always, unbiased and honest.

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  1. Graham Mudd says

    Theres another small issue with the lettersaurus if you press the letter X you will hear x for exit which clearly makes no sense.

  2. says

    This toy was bought for my son as a first birthdat present. We are highly dissapointed that a big organistaion like VTECH does not know the alphabet and seem to think a 4 letter word like EXIT has three letters, XIT……………Highly dissapointed.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you for your comment. I would like to point out that product is by LeapFrog, and not VTech as you state. Not working for LeapFrog, I have no idea why they chose that word not another, you would have to ask them. Possibly they were using the phoneme 'ecs' for 'exit', but like I said you'll have to ask them.

      Afditionally, the product was tested correctly, by a 2 year old child. We simply offer our opinion on the overall toy as a parent and child. May I suggest you contact LeapFrog rather than venting on my blog?

  3. jordan says

    My son got the toy for christmas and I was clearing up and threw the instructions out could someone tell me how to personalise it please

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Now if I remember correctly, I think you turn it off and as you turn it back on again you should be holding down the letter you want for personalisation. I've also lost the instructions! A right pair aren't we?


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