Five and Six, Clean Up Stinks

It was all going to so well. Probably it still is, but I'm the type of person that when you've been riding high on the crest of a wave (albeit a wee one), a minor stumble sends me crashing down into the murky, poohy waters.

Sorry, too many toileting references there? Get used to them because potty training is frank and all encompassing.

Yesterday was brilliant. The Boy really did superbly. In the morning he stopped playing, looked down at his pants and said "Oh no, they coming down!", pulled them down and took himself for a wee. I was astounded and so very proud of him. We might have had big kisses and cuddles, possibly a silly dance together too. Later on after lunch, he was a little windy and fragrant so I sat him down, told what I wanted him to do, explained how to help it happen and then read his potty training picture book to him. I was looking on the pictures on the penultimate page, debating if that was a potette travel potty the little boy was sitting on when a little hand gripped my leg and I saw The Boy was shaking with the effort. Well blow me down with a feather if he hadn't just managed a deposit! I was even more proud of him than for the wee, and we definitely did a silly little dance then.

Then he had a tiny little accident. Whoops! But it's ok because I explained to him that it was his willy's way of telling him that he had to sit down on the potty quickly. Success! He went the rest of the day with no accidents and visits every hour.

Today started with a delivery of our Buppy pads that we had ordered. I instantly felt a little more relieved about the prospect of travelling to Manchester next Friday with a child who will have only been training for, by then, a fortnight. Mid morning, we popped to Starbucks and then my mum's for lunch. Coming home I decided to try The Boy with the same routine as yesterday lunchtime. All he produced was a wee after a few minutes of trying. I took the potty to the downstairs loo to empty and clean when I heard an informative little cry…

"I done a poo-poo on the carpet mummy!"

My heart sank. Why, oh why, hadn't I just sat there with him for one minute longer. I knew he needed to go, all the signs were there? And why in God's name, hadn't I left one of the many potties that we have amassed within plain sight for him? What a fool I was. I raced in with wipes and nappy sack to discover yes, there was indeed a deposit on the carpet, but that he had done it in his pants because he had been distracted by the bloody television. I sorted it all out while reassuring him that it was all ok, went to the utility room to sort it out (giving him a spare potty first) and had a silent weep for 20 seconds to myself.

Going back into the living room, I discovered that his new pair of pants were damp. I hadn't even had time to finish cleaning out the poo-potty before having to empty and clean out this one! And then, the washing machine went on with a collection of pre-soaked pants from the past few days.

So, what have I learnt?

  • That I know when my son needs to go because nappies used to disguise pops and pants don't.
  • That he can produce when on the potty, I just need to be patient.
  • That a few minutes after he has performed, he will need to do a wee. It seems that the emptying of the bowel must relieve the pressure on The Boy's bladder.
  • I am knackered and need to go to bed earlier.
  • I don't have enough chocolate in the house.
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  1. says

    he's doing really well…accidents do happen, and laminate floor is a godsend! I was only thinking yesterday that I could do with a new lounge carpet but you have just reminded me that perhaps it would be a good idea to wait a while!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't have laminate flooring anywhere, had it in the last house and ended up hating it. I've got cream carpets instead, arghh! I also have a vax which I think might be seeing some use in the next few weeks.

  2. says

    It's one setback and yep, accidents will happen. You've achieved a lot in very little time, don't let it get you down. I never realised I'd need more than one potty!

  3. says

    Our two year old was wearing trousers but didn't have any pants on. He had an accident. The poo went down his trousers, onto his shoes and then he trampled it round the house.

  4. KatieB says

    He is, and you are still doing really well. Accidents happen to all of us (still!!) and it is massive progress that he knew what he'd done and came to tell you.

    At least he didn't stamp on it (yep, cleaning poo from between little toes isn't much fun!) These stories make for great blogging material and you will find them funny at some point in the future. I was mortified when lil miss stuck her hand in lil mans potty and promptly put it in her mouth (thank god it was just a wee) but now I find it hilariously funny (of course after being reassured there was no nasty after effects).

    Give yourself some credit lovely, lots of in fact. You're doing a great job xx

  5. Claire Farmer says

    You're being ever so hard on yourself! I think he's doing really well – and so are you. These things take time so maybe a glass of wine and an early night are in order?

  6. Jenny Paulin says

    He is bound t have the odd accident from time to time and possibly will even when trained. He's still doing brilliantly you must be very proud x

  7. says

    I know cleaning poo off carpet can't be fun but both of you have learned loads in the past few days. I say do that little vicotry dance with pride. (apparently the first time my niece poo-ed in the potty, she looked at it and said "hells yeah." ha ha ha) I haven't hit the potty training stage but I'm reading and remembering all your little tricks for when I do. ūüėČ

  8. says

    He he..that has happened to me to and to be honest the 'deposit' situation as you so politely put it can still be a problem. However to me it sounds like he is going great guns and you should both be really pleased. It is still such early days. My only other tip if get some chocolate! x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I've eaten all the chocolate in the house, I need to get more. A trip to Asda might be necessary this afternoon!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks for your comment and welcome. Potty training has been exhausting this week; I recommend chocolate and cakes being kept in the house, as a reward for you not the little one!

  9. says

    Awww he is doing really well, Baba has been trained for about 2 months now, but he had a week last week where he just had accident after accident all day every day! They go through blips don't they! But I also have to say that within two weeks Baba was done, and can cope with long journeys easily. Good luck and keep up the good work! xx


  1. […] I shall be making good use of this¬†brilliant list of all the things you need for potty training from The Boy and Me; a list which includes 'one to two weeks at home'! ¬†It's ok though, it also includes 'chocolate and frappucinos' so maybe that will help with the cabin fever… ¬†I also found this post useful as a comparison between real life, and life according to Gina Ford (who The Boy and Me very sensibly didn't read until day 4!) ¬†I always found her routines quite unmanageable in the early days of being a mummy, and in TBAM's experience it seems her potty training schedule is perhaps a little unrealistic too! ¬†This is good to know as I have already scared myself with her book, although, like TBAM, I have found the 'readiness' list quite useful. ¬†It's also useful to read that even when everything is going swimmingly, you might hit a bump on the road and end up with poo on the carpet… […]

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