Wee-Wee Watch!

After putting it off from the original start day of Thursday due to a stressful last week or so, today was PT Day. That's right Potty Training Day!

As hubby was around today, I decided that there was safety in numbers and that we were going to go for it! It's one of the things on my 'Things to do this Summer' list, so I have to crack on. I want to potty-train my child, not have my mum do it when I'm back in work. Those words might come back to haunt me if he doesn't settle down to it soon. I can see me on the first day of school passing over three potties, 40 pants and The Boy and begging her to do it! No, I mustn't concede defeat so quickly!

I downloaded a couple of apps for the iPod, as I thought it might help to have a way of recording the times he went in order to create a prediction chart. Surely that's fairly simple? Apparently not. Out of the three that I downloaded (Huggies Potty Trainer, I Love Potty and Potty Predict) none of them did what I wanted them to do. I Love Potty only allows your child to record 8 visits and an additional 4 deposits. Yeah right! Huggies Potty Trainer will allow you to set a reminder for every 30 minutes to tell the child to 'go' but no smaller an interval of time. It also allows the parent to record if the child went, tried or didn't attempt, but not if they had an accident! Potty Predict appears to be quite good as it allows you to record drinks, successes and accidents, but doesn't reset to the main menu easily. We ended up with a hand-drawn chart to record times, successes and accidents.

The day went quite well I think; 3 accidents and 24 successes. The first accident happened after the first hour when he was concentrating on television and didn't even realise what was happening. The second was about an hour later and he didn't know he needed to go, the third was 20 minutes after dinner and hubby had lost track of time so forgot to ask him if he needed to go. The progress was interesting, first one he was completely oblivious and looked at his wet pants in bemusement; by the third he actually watched it happen a little shocked. He's starting to realise that he's wetting. Next step is prevention!

I know 24 successes sound like a lot, but we were sitting him on the potty every 15 minutes or so because at the moment any longer and he has an accident.

We've also not left his tippy cup out for him to have ready access to which I'd read somewhere else, he had a big drink at specific times and then went on the potty 15-20 minutes later.

What will Day Two bring? Hopefully less accidents, but a deposit is on the cards. Yuck!

This blog has some great tips.

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  1. says

    24 successes?? Is he made of water? 😉

    Keep at it, we managed to keep him pretty dry within a week but 3 months later he still doesn't always say he needs the toilet and we have to take him at intervals (although they are now 2-4 hours apart rather than every 15 minutes!)

    Good luck!

  2. says

    Well done the Boy, a good first day… I know zilch about potty training. The more posts I read about this subject, the more my eyes widen.

    And get designing a potty training app yourself! You could be rich. Rich!! 🙂

  3. Jenny Paulin says

    Sounds like you're all doing really well. I still havent started yet. Going to wait until Jenson is weaning so I have more time to dedicate to it! So prob next month – aaaaarghh! X


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