Our Holiday in Tweets

I thought rather than go for the bog standard recount; I'd present my week in an alternative manner! (I may have used selective editing)

Saturday 30 July 2011
07:05 Morny. And so begins the mad panic of 'it's 2hrs til wr go on holiday', only I'm too tired, so sod it
07:15 Oh God, I'm so tired!
12:46 Stressed hr in the M5 service station. Didn't know we were going to be stopping, least of all for lunch. Could have been there by now!
14:28 Yeah baby! Holiday!

16:22 Trying to not be ungrateful but finding it very hard. My mum has already done the food shopping without consulting me.
16:23 Including buying jars for 10m+ for my 2yo. Incredibly p*ssed off that she's done this when we said we were going to go shopping together!
16:25 I know she's trying to help but I run my own family my way, 10yrs since I lived at home. I do things differently now
22:15 First day of holiday has seen so many mini-strops, it's like bloody Dynasty around here. Tomorrow I don my best Krystal Karrington smile!
22:29 Off to be sociable with the Grumpy Bunch for half an hour.

Sunday 31 July 2011
00:07 I have my dad inordinately happy by spending 3/4 of an hour playing dominoes #gooddaughter
00:17 There's moths. Everywhere. And bloody bats. I don't like flying things…
00:18 Night twitter
00:18 Can no longer type straight. I give up
06:13 Worst night ever because of not being our bed, cot, rooms, temperature etc. Knackered
06:57 Sod it, may as well have brekkie in peace and quiet

07:10 I'm sat in the conservatory on my own. No other bugger is awake. Grrr, getting bored
10:55 God my mother is touchy! Never realised how much. Now how would I cajole a 10yr old? Will it work on a 66yr old?
17:37 Chesil beach
23:25 Off to see a certain little lady pig and her family tomorrow. Return visit for us, let's hope this set of grandparents behave themselves

Monday 1 August 2011
06:49 Morny. Peppa Pig World today, wahoo
07:09 The Boy woke up at 6.30. He wanted Nana and Grandad so I may have quietly shown him the way…
10:47 Thanks everyone. I don't understand why my site won't load when it is on my phone @maft
16:19 Peppa Pig World is serious fun when you have grandparents who take part
23:41 Right. 2bed/2bathroom apartment aimed at families? You'd expect one of those 'bath'rooms to have an actual bath? Yes? No? Just me? Ok then

Tuesday 2 August 2011
14:33 It has just taken four men to fold down our pop-up beach tent. Hilarious! I think this should be a new form of beach emtertainment!
14:36 A saxophone was playing on the promenade in Lyme Regis while we built sandcastles, ate chips and got sand everywhere. Very atmospheric
14:40 The Boy is sat in his car-seat very seriously. He has just declared, "I eaten my ice-cream." I agree sweetie.
14:49 And now he's asleep
19:15 Eating his tea al fresco watching people on a picnic bench "those people are eating their tea" shhh "they can't hear me nana! Those people sing twinkle, twinkle little star"

Wednesday 3 August 2011
07:10 #badnightcoffeeclub That is all I have to say
14:41 Spent the morning in the local market town's market. The Boy refused to eat his lovely lunch and is now comatosed on the bed.

14:42 Why don't toddlers eat as well when on holiday? It's the most stressful thing! I feel like my mum is glaring at me when he refuses
15:02 Can I just commend @maft? My blog may have gone down on & off due to transfer from server, but he has worked relentlessly to fix it!
17:55 Things that annoy me: PRs who will not get the message that no I will not host something for nothing
21:10 The atmosphere this evening is horrendous; you could cut it with a knife. No-one's talking to anyone, might bugger off to bed in a moment
23:33 It is widdling it down here. That's fine as long as it's finished by morning!
Thursday 4 August 2011
00:07 It is really widdling it down here. Our bedroom opens out onto the conservatory which is really noisy from the raindrops on the roof
05:35 Morny. It's torrential outside & so windy. Not sure if it's rain or the sea pelting againat the conservatory #coastalcottage
05:52 I'm starving! Have eaten 3 crunch creams but they've not taken the edge off it
06:00 I might attempt this sleep nonsense again.
18:30 "I've got my seat-belt on". The Boy's understanding of grammar is developing daily and astounds me.
22:26 I have spent an hour trying to get a connection on the laptop through the wireless tethering & 3G on my phone! Grrrr! I miss wireless
22:59 Finally I have a connection to the Internet! I am currently sat on the toilet (don't worry the lid's down!) editing my 365! #dedicated #mad
23:11 Last night, The Boy looked out at the stormy sea highlighted with Neptune's waves & shouted 'Iggle-Piggle!' He could see him sailing to bed

Friday 5 August 2011
06:52 Morny! A beautiful penultimate day here in Dorset (but I still haven't had a cream tea!)
10:37 "The sky box is open mummy!" He means sun roof!
17:15 I kid you not, my mum has just phoned from the car behind to tell hubby to let the car coming up to overtake. Seriously!
17:58 I need a holiday to recover from this one #extendedfamilyholidays
20:53 I love her, I love him but God I've had enough of them. I don't think I can do this holiday again.
21:06 See that's what happens; you go away for a week on holiday and no-one tweets you.
21:58 I wish the child upstairs who is screaming about wanting a story would be given one. If he wakes The Boy up I'm going to clock his parents.

Saturday 6 August 2011
06:32 Morny. It's too early but this is good in a way: got to pack up & get out by 10.30!
07:45 Right, toys in car (most of them) cotbed down, duvet/pillows folded, clothes packed. Time to shower then try fitting it all back in my car
07:46 If we ever have another child, we're going to need an Espace not a Scenic. Some MPVs aren't as big as you'd think!
10:18 Family friendly cafe/restaurant in Bridport. Has an indoor play area and everything! 'Generations'
10:43 It is so hard to find a coffee shop where people don't sneer at your little one playing, to find one that has a play area.
14:21 Right settle an argument for hubby & me: pleb or plebb? #trafficjamonM5 #bored
14:25 Worried now that pleb/plebb is an un-pc term… off to check t'Internet
14:27 Phew, ok. Not.
14:40 Oh my word, 4th gear & 50 miles an hour #excitement #trafficjamonm5
16:59 Ha, take that motorways! You shall not defeat me
18:50 We have feasted on cheese, french bread, dough balls and onion rings. #comfortfood #knackeredaftertravelling #needaholidaytorecover

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  1. says

    Brilliant. I am 'supposed' to be staying at my folks for 3-4 days with kids but without the Mr. I too love them dearly but in small doses. They are so keen for us to go. I'm dreading it. But you survived and so I suspect will I x

  2. says

    What a great way to summarize the week! Each summer my dad used to write a quick sentence about things we did or that happened. We found some of those lists when I was home recently – so fun to re-read and re-live!

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