A FABulous Offer

A few months ago I reviewed a new range of skincare products called First Aid Beauty. First Aid Beauty is the sell-out, must-have, chatshow-loved brand created by a hugely competent and well-known beauty expert Lilli Gordon, and is available in Boots stores nationwide and online at www.boots.com (has a growing waiting list).

What's different about this range is that it is a fragrance free brand which is suitable for universal beauty concerns as well as the needs of sensitive and problem skin. Now trust me, I have hyper-sensitive skin; treatments from doctors have seen allergic reactions before. I used to clean my face with a baby wipe and water. Since reviewing FAB, I will only use the FAB Facial Cleanser (£13) to wash my face with. And it lasts and lasts! I use a pea-sized amount which when mixed with a little water creates a lovely creamy-wash, leaving my face feel refreshed; not taut, not dry, just clean.

The other item that I use relentlessly is the 5in1 Face Cream with SPF30 (RRP £28). I suffer from Chloasma (that lovely brown discolouration usually associated with pregnancy and hormones) and this can be made worse in the sun. I know we're not inundated with it at the moment, but I wear this every day at the moment as a precaution. It's not oily and is absorbed well, allowing my make-up to sit on top of it with no problem. I usually burn around my hairline and it's not happened once since using this. Again, you only need the slightest amount of this, I use a half-pump and it does my entire face and ears!

I'm not able to offer a give-away for these at the moment, but I can tell you about a Fabulo (no, I can't do it!) really good offer at the moment! If you pop over to the First Aid Beauty UK Facebook page and 'like' it, then you will receive £5 off when you spend over £20 on FAB at www.boots.com. It's a great opportunity to stock up on some of the other products in the range, I'm beginning to feel like I need the Detox Eye Roller after the last few weeks lack of sleep!

Go 'like' and shop!

Offer ends on 14th August 2011.

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