Ten things you don't know about ME…

I think I've done one of these before, certainly something similar. However, Helen from The Crazy Kitchen has tagged me because she wants to know more about me. Who am I to refuse such a fantastic friend and baker extraordinaire?

So ten things you don't know about me! Um…

  1. I've been vegetarian for 13 years. I've always maintained that I miss tuna mayonnaise a great deal, until I accidentally bit into The Boy's sandwich last week and had to spit it out pronto. I'm not going to test my memory of steak or cold turkey sandwiches in Christmas Day; I like to have that memory of the turkey melting the butter into the bread.
  2. I sat the entrance exam for, passed and received an assisted place to go to a private girls school. I spent seven years there; six of them were very happy, the final was hell on Earth as I was bullied mercilessly. I sat my 'A' levels in a room on my own as I refused to go back to school from the Easter onwards.
  3. I once tried smoking but had no idea how to inhale so held the smoke in my mouth before slowly releasing it. It came to a head one night when I was so inebriated that I couldn't understand why the cigarette was on fire. I'd lit the wrong end.
  4. I now teach in the same primary school that I went to as a child.
  5. I will have been married ten years in November.
  6. I got married in a castle.
  7. I once scratched an apostrophe into the sign of a local wine bar.
  8. I descend from a Polish Jew.
  9. I'm incredibly insecure and lacking in self-esteem.
  10. My name! Ha!

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This originated at Β Me and my Kiddywinks

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  1. says

    Great things I didn't know like getting married in a Castle. I am so sad that you had to experience bullying in your life…I hope you have a better friend support network around you now, including me! x

  2. says

    love the smoking one, we've all done that trying to look cool, I once tried to flick one between my fingers and snapped it!
    I can well imagine you doing no. 7 – is it still there? is it a photo opportunity?

    Thanks for joining in

  3. lozzi84 says

    Ooh I need to start thinking of things, and I need to figure out how to tag people on wordpress lol.
    Oh & getting married in a castle is very impressive, you name isn't Victoria Beckham is it?

  4. says

    I've been wondering, did the Polish Jew live in Tredegar when he/she came to Wales? Just that I know there was a community there who later largely moved to Cardiff. Now most of the Cardiff Jews have moved to London, Manchester and Israel.

  5. says

    This is a great meme – very revealing. It's nice to get to know people better and not define them just by the fact that they have children.
    My favourite factette is the apostrophe anecdote. That absolutely infuriates me, too. Even in Tweets!!!
    And as for Number 9 – aren't we all!
    Nice to know more about you (but your name shall forever remain a secret πŸ™‚

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