Things The Boy Learnt On Holiday

When we were away on holiday last week, my little treasure learnt a few things!

Hide and Seek

A new catchphrase courtesy of Nana.

Early mark-making

How to do a 24-piece jigsaw

  • Imagination: One night he raced to the door of the conservatory, looked out at the sea which was rough and tipped with Neptune's horses and declared that he could see Iggle-Piggle sailing off to the Night(time) Garden. My heart burst with love and adoration for my clever little boy who had just displayed his first twinge of imagination. I milked it and built on what he could see. We now regularly discuss it.

He walked onto the beach, picked up this pebble and tried to unlock the big rock on the beach, "This is the key mummy!"

  • Role-playing: after visiting Peppa Pig World, one night The Boy started shouting out "Daddy Pig, daddy pig where are you?" He then looked at me and said "you Mummy Pig!", when I asked him who he was, he said "me George!" Love it.

Maybe I was more aware of this because I was spending so much time with him than I normally have a chance to. Maybe it's because other people were having an input to his development. Either way, at the age that he is now, his capabilities are developing day by day. And he is the biggest form of entertainment and wonderment around

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  1. says

    I always find that my son really seems to increase his development quite dramatically when we're on holiday. I don't know whether it's the increased amount of time that he gets with both of us (I don't work, but he goes to preschool and he does other things without me); the new experiences, people and places associated with being away; or just the effect of sea air. Whatever it is it's always noticable, even now when development has slowed down a little from toddler days.

  2. says

    He is growing up so quickly, you must very proud of him! I still remember some of Amy's first 20 odd years later. Her first sentence was Hi, Cat, bye Cat She was about 11 months old. She hasn't stopped talking since

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