It was only a matter of time really. And at 26 months I suppose that we're quite lucky that it hasn't happened before now, but he's definitely made up for it this evening.

The Boy has discovered his willy.

Sat in the bath this evening, he started pouring cups of water into his lap (and counting at the same time, thus proving that he can have a fiddle and use his brain simultaneously; a first for mankind) and was asked what he was doing. "Washing my wiwwy away!" Daddy winced and highlighted that it was not a good idea to do that. He then recounted that earlier, The Boy had been sat on the potty, pointed his willy up to his face and declared "You going to do a wee-wee in minute".

After hubby lifted him out of the bath for his usual big-towel cuddle, and laid him down to dry off, he declared "my wiwwy is so much fun!" (The Boy, not daddy. Daddy has learnt not to verbalise such matters). I've just come down stairs to get The Boy's milk and all I can hear is "NO! Leave it alone!" closely followed by "It will never get better!" Just this once, I hope that daddy is referring to the scab on his knee, not his willy!*

*Again, The Boy's not daddy's!

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  1. says

    HaHa, they're so cute at that age. I still remember my eldest lad (now 15) getting his first trike when he was 15 months.

    Every time he sat down he sat on his willy & couldn't understand it – thought it was the saddle hurting him! When I explained he said 'Wish it was smaller'

    That"ll change son, that'll change 😀

  2. paula says

    This made me smile. My son is 2 and likes his winky but he likes to play with his bellybutton much more! I'm sure that will change! Lol

  3. Catherine (@MummyLion) says

    that made me laugh, my 1.5 ear old lies back and pulls it and giggles. i just dont know where to look! in the morning he's got his hand down his nappy and often recently he's pulled it out & i end up mopping up puddles of wee.

  4. says

    Haaahaa!! They are obsessed aren't they? My LO is only 7 months and he always tries touching it when I change his nappy. I guess it only gets more interesting as time goes by.

  5. says

    So I have all THIS to look forward to!!! LittleMan is six months and doesn't seem that interested in it, apart from the odd grab on the changing mat, put I thinks that an accident when he's trying to grab his legs.
    Oh the fun I have ahead of me!

  6. says

    Hahaha this just made me laugh out loud. Very funny. I am secretly pleased that I got a little girl as I don't know how I would deal with these willy matters. Although hubby is desperate for a boy next time so…..!

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