ShowOff ShowCase: The One About The Holiday

As many of you may well be aware, this week we have been on holiday as an extended family to Dorset. It's a usual family jaunt and haunt, as my great-aunt used to live down here. However, this time it's been different. Strained. Tetchy. Awkward. There's been a battle of wills in the house, and I don't mean between The Boy and me. My mum and dad have been at each other's throats all week, while I've been refereeing. Mum and I have been squabbling because I clearly don't know how to care for my own son (this is the difficult bit; she looks after him while I work but she hasn't been able to switch off from that with me here now). As a result, hubby and I haven't been able to relax properly because I've been fraught and he's been irritated.

It's not been the best week and I'm not sure I can do it again. In light of that fact, I am going to set the ShowOff ShowCase theme to be:

The One About The Holiday

I'm sure that we've all got a post about a holiday or day out that we'd like to show off again. So dust down that suitcase, look out the travel-locks, panic about your passpost and link-up your blog-post about a holiday (or day out) below. I'll close the linky at about 10pm on Sunday evening. Please add the html badge to your original post so that people know how to find the others in the linky.

ShowOff ShowCase


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  1. says

    Oh dear, sorry your holiday didn't go better, in terms of looking ahead, as Theboy gets older it may get easier re your mum as he needs slightly less looking after?

  2. Helen says

    I don't think I could go on holiday with my parents however much I like the idea of having babysitters on hand….sometimes they make you feel like a child again, being shown how to look after your Tiny Tears!
    Get yourself on a plane next time and jet off into the sunset!

  3. says

    I spent nearly the whole of January in Ireland, but apart from doing a Silent Sunday post of me at the airport with all the luggage, I never did a post about it. Anyway, Mum lives there and we argued MOST of the time I was there, and like you, it was baby related (we used to be close) – I could NOT wait to get home and I swore NEVER again….. Didn't phone her much for a few months, then last couple of months gradually more and more, then Aaron started being able to garble gobbledeegook on the phone, then she said she didn't know what he looked like so I spent a fortune sending pics by SMS. Anyway, it has now resulted in me booking for us to go over for 2 weeks in August.
    Watch this space to find out whether I regret it (again!)…. I really really really hope not.
    Thank you for your honesty.
    Liska xxx

  4. says

    Sorry you had a bad time, must be really hard being in the middle of that.

    Trying to link but it won't let me, I'll come back later xx

  5. says

    Oooh, so sorry to hear the week has been more tension than relaxation! Haven't written a holiday post yet but will link in if I manage to find time to write one this weekend. The showoff showcase is one of my favourite ways to find new blogs. 😉

  6. says

    Extended family holidays are always difficult… My link up is from my family holiday earlier this year. Main problem I had was trying to sleep in a caravan with my dad snoring 10 feet and one flimsy wall away…
    Sorry your break wasn't as relaxing as you'd hoped, perhaps you could have a nice relaxing 'staycation' – just the 3 of you – one weekend?

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