FurReal: Cookie-Pie

The Boy has a little problem with dogs, as I'm sure many toddlers do: they scare him. It's perfectly understandable as they are pretty much the same size and are unpredictable.

When we were sent the FurReal Cookie Pie (£69.99 RRP) to review for Toys R Us Toyologist programme I had a little 'eek' moment with anxiety. Cookie Pie is an electronic dog that responds to your voice and touch by moving her head, blinking and barking. She responds to your voice, touch and will even look around to you if you call from the left or right. The only moving part is her head and facial features, her legs can be posed so she either sits up or lies down. She 'eats' her bone and if 'tickled' on certain parts of her face then she responds.

Things seemed to be going well as The Boy was perfectly happy for Cookie to yap away inside the box. He actually thought it was quite funny and kept saying "huwwo doggy, how are you?".

That was until I got him out of the box. The Boy looked at him, said "huwwo doggy" (to which Cookie Pie barked at) and then promptly started shaking. The Boy, not the dog. Then the bottom lip came out and he started edging towards me and away from the very cute little dog panting and barking at him. He then climbed into my lap and buried his head in my shoulder. So Cookie Pie unfortunately went back into the box.

However, there are a couple of lessons that I have learnt from this situation.

  • The Boy is frightened of dogs and this is something that needs remedying carefully in order to prevent future issues. Hopefully Cookie Pie will help with this situation in the future. Maybe I'll leave the batteries out for a while.
  • Cookie Pie is realistic. 

This is good. This means that FurReal have got it right and have created an electronic barking and moving dog that persuades children into thinking it's a real one. Parents all over the nation can breathe a sigh of relief as they have a 'can-we-have-a-puppy?' solution that is easy and cheap. No need to take him for a walk, no little presents or puzzles on the carpet, no fleas, no pet insurance, no danger of it biting your child, etc. An easy solution that will pacify your children's desire for a pet for a few years!

It does molt though.

We were provided with this toy free for review purposes as part of the Toyologist scheme. My opinions are my own and honest.

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  1. Amy Whyley says

    My daughter is dog mad, I tried getting her to have a furreal dog and she wouldn't even entertain it. In the end we brought her a puppy who is her loyal and loving best friend. She has no fear when it comes to dogs and we have a nightmare with her when it comes to strange dogs

  2. Tessa may says

    I bought this toy for my little girl as she was desperate for a dog but unfortunately we aren't in the current position to be able to have one 🙁
    However furreal cookie is now her best friend and I have to admit I also find it adorable!
    Any mums who want to buy this visit this site as I found it much cheaper through here ..

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