We're all going on a Summer Holiday!

Very soon The Boy, Me and Daddy will be departing for a chilled out week down south to our favourite little haven: Lyme Bay. I can't wait to: sit on the promenade at West Bay and see the waves crashing on the shore, build a sandcastle on the imported sand at Lyme Regis, have a nosey in Rainbow stores and see what bargains they've got, visit Frost's in Bridport and persuade hubby that we need that toy over there! A trip to the Donkey Sanctuary and Peppa Pig World is on the cards as well.

There are two factors that are causing me a little stress.

  1. I need to pack. This, I am rubbish at and it is invariably left until 10pm the night before. But no, not this time! (yeah, right!). Hubby will be rubbish and do nothing, as usual. We will invariably have a row in the morning before we have to leave. Can't wait!
  2. My parents are coming with us, as they usually do. It's a fantastic week with them, but of course we do encounter a few fraught occasions throughout the week. I find the week before that I have to ration contact with them or I feel overloaded. I love them to pieces, but there's only so much a grown-daughter can cope with.

I need a holiday!

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