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Oh that Tara is a minx. The last few weeks have seen her set themes that have made me all emotional, and to be honest they've been slightly cathartic. So having reminisced plenty about my long-gone relatives, she's now given us the theme of Vintage. Eeek! I do hope this isn't going to get all teary again!

This week's theme is: Vintage.

Vintage/retro, call it what you will. It can be something old you own (I still have my typewriter from journo college!), an heirloom, a saved bottle of wine, some ancient scales passed down from your grandma, old books, vinyl, vintage clothing, an instrument, clothing – the list is endless.

I want to share a couple of items with you. They belonged to the aforementioned Aunty Nell or my Nan; some of them were my mum's that she's passed on to me because she knows how much I love them.

You see, I have a little bit of a thing for vintage glassware. They nestle comfortably in my modern, white, Ikea cabinet behind glass doors, and when The Boy is old enough they shall become a feature of his 'party memories' as well as inhabiting mine. These are the serving dishes that came out for birthdays, Christmas, special dinners, etc. Who knew glass could evoke such memories of the past?


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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    I was wondering what the first one is too? Lovely vintage pieces with some special memories 🙂 I agree that the last one (cake stand?) is my fav too z

  2. Windmill tales says

    I really must find a lovely antiques or thrift shop here, I really would love a jelly mould, my grandma always serves her jelly in some lovely old ones

  3. says

    I have some of those jelly moulds, I love them – 2 large & 2 small. Found them on a stall at a big flea market last year. I was going to sell them on but have refused to part with them. Great for doing a pretty glitter jelly for a party.

    Love the cake stand.

  4. says

    Fab – my mum has a stack of similar dishes that she uses for family occasions.

    For some reason I have never gotten around to investing in anything – my bowls are all plastic!

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