Listography: Top Five Bands I'd Like To See Live

The lovely Listographer extraordinaire that is KateTakes5 is currently being a rock-chick in Sunny Spain and has therefore set us the challenge of:

Top Five Bands I'd Like To See Live.

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near as the cool cat that is Kate, and my musical preferences lie more firmly in the middle of the road. I've been to some great gigs (nope, not cool enough) concerts, nearly all well before The Boy. Robbie Williams just before he hit the commercial bigtime, when his angst-ridden performance of No Regrets involved the images of the 'TT' symbol burning on a projector in the background and a gravestone featuring the symbol were not to be forgotten. Not least of all because he was supported by the marvellous Divine Comedy, who then actually joined him on stage for their bit. Oh, and he rode around the stage on a motorised toilet. Texas was great, Stereophonics made me embrace my inner rock-chick temporarily, although one of the best was Catatonia in Margam Park, supported and accompanied by a Welsh male voice choir. I stood in the mud in my leather coat and alternated between feeling a) thoroughly 'with it' and b) worried for the state of my boots.

Without further ado:

  • Take That

Never saw them first time around, although I spent plenty of time watching the videos of their concerts. A few of the tapes may have worn through where my friend and I rewound a few bits. Especially the bit where Gary performed Smells like Teen Spirit bare-chested in leather jeans. I couldn't see the Circus tour as The Boy had been born 3 weeks before and for some reason hubby wouldn't let me go. This tour I chose not to go because I felt I couldn't justify the cost. If they do another tour, sod the cost; I'm going!

  • Kaiser Chiefs

I've seen Keane and they were brilliant, but the Kaiser Chiefs would feature more hilarity and less pompousness. Are they even still around?

  • Queen

I know I'm only 33, but wouldn't they be excellent? Can you imagine the buzz from the crowd when they started singing Radio GaGa? I've seen clips of LiveAid and Mr. Mercury worked that crowd for all he was worth. I bet they'd have been amazing live. Anyone got a time machine?

  • George Michael

I have always maintained that this is my utmost got-to see artist. Only I think he's had a farewell tour now? Mind you, he could be like Cher who has been having a farewell tour since 147BC, in which case I might still get to see him! But he'd have to lose the attitude, and quite possibly perform Club Tropicana or I wouldn't be interested.

  • Michael Jackson

I know I need another time machine for this one, but surely this is the one man that all the others emulate? How can the meek and mild near-skeleton of a man turn into that complete giant who oozed testosterone at every crotch-grabbing, finger-snapping, moon-walking move? Justin Timberlake can try, Justin Bieber can stop trying to dream it because Michael Jackson was one of the most amazing dancers, and therefore stage performers ever.

Who else is up for a little gravity-defying dance with me?

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  1. says

    Can't let you go to bed unloved – even though I've only ever been to one pop concert in my life (Carlos Santana in about 1982) and I'm more into classical music. However, I do love lists 🙂

  2. says

    Great post, great topic. I agree with you on TT, George Michael, and MJ in particular and actually would have been amazing to see Freddie Mercury live in concert. I think my Top 5 to see live would be…. Simon & Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Prodigy, Guns 'n' Roses – an eclectic mix yes and one that would mostly require a time machine to fulfil but it can be my fantasy top 5!! xx

  3. Susaneardley says

    It's such a hard task for me! Must see kylie sometime (birthday hints were ignored) radiohead live, Noah & the whale, black eyed peas, oasis (if they still existed) coz I had tickets but missed their mr worth gig. Would love to see lady gaga too. See what I mean, my music taste is too odd!

  4. says

    Spotted your tweet! I love your blog! I also love concerts although I never manage to get to any, although I did manage to see Take That last year. Flipping amazing! Well worth the cost and the travelling. You gotta go! :O)

  5. says

    George Michael!! Best choice… I love his music and regret not going to his farewell tour. I hope you're right and he does do another tour. good other choices. With a time machine imagine going to somewhere like Elvis' concert too!

  6. HonieBuk (HonieMummy) says

    Sorry, forgot to go back & do this one.

    You've seen some great things – mine? Amounts to not seeing as much as I should if when I could & making up for list time.

    Pet Shop Boys – was actually good!
    Fleetwood Mac – was awesome!
    The Christians (supported Fleetwood Mac at Maine Rd)
    Genesis – my the Father in Law could not understand this is what I wanted most for my 21st birthday!!
    M People – boogie boogie!
    Huge gap doing other bizarre things till met HonieDaddy
    Texas – top banana & literally decided to go days before & night before moving house.
    Take That (Circus Tour) – awesome does not cut it!
    Scissor Sisters – despite living their music (dance floor genius) the sound at MEN was crap!
    Michael Buble – have ALL of his albums, but expected him to be arrogant live. But, OMG he was so not & that boy CAN entertain
    Michael Buble – have ALL of his albums but expected him to be arrogant live – OMG he was sooooo not & that boy can entertain!
    Lisa Stansfield (supported Genesis at Roundhay Park)

  7. HonieBuk (HonieMummy) says

    Lol – typed on iPhone & duplicated some – you can edit that (if you like) – or not!

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