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So the lovely Tara has set us the following challenge this week:

This week it's time to access your happy memories once again about places you've been, things you've seen, experiences you've had.

This week's theme is: Travel.

Which quite frankly after the emotional outpouring about my grandparents last week is a relief.

Now the obvious one for me, is our road-trip around America from six years ago, but I did that one for the Unofficial Gallery several weeks ago. Therefore I'm going to choose a few photos from our first trip away with The Boy.

He was born on Friday 12th June 2009 three hours before my entire family attended my great-aunt's funeral in Dorset, hence none of them being able to visit immediately. I was devastated that I couldn't go to Aunty Nell's funeral because I was so very fond of her, and due to not being allowed to travel in the last month or so I hadn't seen her before she died either. However, contractions had other plans for me that day!

In the September my mum arranged for us all to spend the weekend back down where she used to live and to scatter her ashes. This is not the type of thing my family normally does; someone dies then that's it, they get cremated and their ashes scattered in the garden of rememberance. I firmly believe that my mum arranged this for me. In the end, because none of the others knew what to do (through lack of experience) I ended up taking the bag and scattering Aunty Nell's ashes into the bay at West Bay, where she used to go to mark her school books. I stood there by myself, watching her ashes swishing in the sea, hanging around and not wanting to leave the party. There was my moment of parting, there was the goodbye that I had missed.

When I turned around, the others had joined me from a distance.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Still a little emotional this week then 🙂
    They are lovely photos which obviously have wonderful memories behind them. Xx

  2. says

    what a beautiful memory you have and your own personal goodbye. We did very similar with Paul's mum's ashes and it was a very special moment for everyone involved.
    I adore West Bay – I went there during my twin pregnancy so it always holds a special place in my travel memories

  3. says

    What a lovely post and so lovely that your Mum arranged for you to scatter your Auntys ashes. Very touching words x

    Off to read about your American road trip now as it's a big passion of mine.

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