The ToyBox has Landed

Being a Toyologist isn't all about playing with toys you know.

Well ok, it is 90% of it.

However, when The Boyhas gone to bed out comes the laptop and camera to upload all the photos and videos taken of him playing with the toys. I find myself sitting and playing with him, and more and more I am thinking "hang on a minute, let me just grab the camera because that would make a great shot… oh damn, you've moved!" After dark is when the brain starts whirring away to write up the reviews of these lovely toys.

Now obviously, my reviews sit here on my blog under this page. However, the rather clever Geoffrey Giraffe has come up with the idea to create a Facebook application which allows all of us Toyologists to post our reviews into one central resource. The idea is that it makes it far easier for everyone to access our reviews and therefore know an honest opinion of the toys before buying. It's calledthe Toys R Us Toy Box and as you can see it provides the ability to be nosey and find out who we all are, and browse the product reviews. I think it's a really rather useful resource and it can be found by clicking here.

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  1. @somethingblue_2 says

    That's a great idea, allows a good all round view of each toy. Being a toyologist sounds like great fun – I hope you are enjoying it x

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