Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside…

This was the song that we had The Boy singing this morning en route to the beach for a few hours. Between the pair of us we managed to concoct the vast majority of the song to chant as we drove through the plushy, thatched villages of the deepest and richest parts of the county.

Following our revelation yesterday morning that actually if we got up and did things in the morning rather than laying-in and dossing around the house until 2pm, we managed to set off at 10.30 with a picnic, bucket and spade in hand. By 11.15 we were parked three rows back from the beach, and set up on the golden sands.

The best thing about Southerndown beach is that it has a vast expanse of sand but also lots of rock pools towards the top end. This was fantastic because it meant that we only had to trot down to the sea twice; both times were for splashing in the sea, not collecting water. Also meant that the sun heated up the little rockpool by us, and we could rinse The Boy off when we eventually packed up to come home.

We had such fun there; it's an absolutely beautiful beach which was used as the location for 'Bad Wolf Bay' in Dr. Who. Unfortunately I didn't see the Tardis or Mr. Tennant there, not sure I'd have liked to see his scrawny legs anyway.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't waste the morning!

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  1. says

    its amazing, its something we take for granted, I live less than 10mins away from the beach, and we usually go for a walk along it 2 or 3 times a week, more in the winter.

    niceto see a great time was had by all, biggest thing I hate with the beach on a nice day is it is so crowded you cant swing a cat…..much prefer it when it not as busy

  2. says

    How cute does the boy look in his outfit?! Does it come in adult sizes? lol Looks like you had a great day – wish we could just pop to the beach.

  3. Him Up North says

    Ah how I wish we lived nearer the sea. Weekends like the last one were made for it. Nice post.

  4. says

    Looks like he had a lovely time!! Did you see the cast of Dr. Who on a regular basis? I quite liked Mr Tennant, he was my favourite Dr. Who I think, followed by Christopher Ecclestone. I don't mind Matt Smith either actually. Ooh just reminded me, I think Torchwood is on tonight? *Runs off to check*

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