Where's my bed?

I'm shattered, I really am!

For the past year, The Boy has religiously had his nap between 11 and 1pm every day. If I've tried to make him last longer, the poor sausage starts falling asleep and getting tetchy. Hand on heart, so do I! I need him to have a kip around then as well so that I can have a little break. The only problem with that recently is that he's been taking longer and longer to get to sleep then, and then he doesn't wake up 'til nearly two. By the time he's had his lunch it's half past two (which is craziness when he's having his tea at 5.30pm) and I'm beginning to go bonkers not having done anything!

And so I've had the marvellous idea to change his sleep times.

My mum has been under instruction this week to give him his lunch at 12pm on the dot and he needs to be in bed by 12.45. She's stuck to it and he's fallen asleep more easily. Of course, we have to do the same thing on the weekend don't we?

Only that now means we don't get our lie-ins anymore!

Whose clever bloody idea was that then?

However, we have been busy bees today: up, breakfast, drop hubby's car off for an MOT, go and have photos taken under a 'free' deal, play in the park, home for lunch, nap time and all by 1pm! We then both needed a little rest at the same time as The Boy, and then we rounded the day off with a quick shopping trip to buy new shoes and wellies. Because you need wellies in July when it's 24°C.

But now, now I'm knackered!

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  1. says

    Jack goes for his nap around 1, quite often he asks for it earlier but I don't let him unless we need to go somewhere in the afternoon, but some days he doesn't nap at all, like today when we were out for the afternoon……and I'm now worried that he doesn't need them any longer 🙁

  2. says

    Baby Z has been having 2 – 3 hour naps all of last week, tis most strange. But in a very lovely way. I've no idea why as he has always been utterly crap at having a good daytime sleep. I can only imagine it's food causing it, now that he's weaning. Not sure how long it'll last but I am enjoying it!

  3. says

    Little Mr is definatley coming out of the nap time, and if he does sleep he just wont go to bed at bed time. It does take some adjustment but I now have to do every thing once they have gone to bed! Its ethier that or I am still running around after him at 9/10pm 🙁

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