Sticky Stuff: TRU Review

As a teacher, I deal with a lot of stickers: 10/10 for spellings, Good Homework, Positive Playground Behaviour, etc. The Boy hasn't really come across stickers very much so far. However, when we went to a birthday party three weeks ago he was given some in his party bag. Then the first box from Toys R Us for review arrived and there was a Melissa and Doug Sticker Collection inside. He was delighted.

In the large sticker book (14"x11") there are ten themed pages. These ten pages are crammed full of over 500 stickers! 500! That's an awful lot of "Mummy, help! Sticky off!"

The Melissa and Doug stickers are really lovely illustrations; bright and vibrant colours, good representations of the images that they portray. The Boy hasn't played with all of the pages yet; he is very fond of the dinosaur page, and the cars as well.

The theory behind the themed pages is that they can be used to create a picture or tell a story. For an older child, I can see that they would be of great use and provide hours of entertainment. The stickers are aimed at children aged 3 and over, The Boy is two and so isn't able to play with them independently.

I actually feel that these stickers would be better suited to a child who is four or possibly five years because they are so lovely it is almost a waste to use them on younger children who can't use their imagination properly to fully appreciate these stickers. Older children will also be able to create their own backgrounds to use the themed stickers on, but for younger children I feel that there could have been backgrounds provided which would make it easier for them to use, possibly laminated to allow the stickers to be reused.

Overall, the Melissa and Doug Sticker Collection is one of the better sticker sets that I've seen (and I've seen a lot!) and reasonably priced at £4.99. These are not currently available at Toys R Us, either online or in store, but they will hopefully soon be included in the wide range of toys they stock.

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