Things I Learnt From NOT Going to CyberMummy11

  1. I am rather good at painting pirates. I've found a way of making the pink butterflies not quite so pink, and that robots are quite a challenging thing to paint onto a fidgety five-year old's face. Especially when he's got snot pouring down from his grimy nose. Yes, I was stuck at my school-fayre on the face-painting stall.
  2. All these mummy-bloggers that I tweet with regularly have faces, and more importantly bodies! Apparently, some of them have voices too.
  3. The organisers of CyberMummy11 are very clever women to pull together such a massive event and draw in so many amazing brands as sponsors. The pictures of the bloggers with all their goody-bags are tantalising.
  4. As with every group situation in life there are an awful lot of lovely people out there who are genuinely interested in meeting other people. Unfortunately, just as in the 6th form common room, there are those who think they are the 'cool crew' and therefore don't need to socialise or be polite to the remainder of the social group. In reality, these people are far from cool and are actually thought of as arses.
  5. Tissues are a prerequisite, as are Starbucks in a can and additional lunch supplements.
  6. Nearly everyone had a fantastic time in one way or another (apart from me *sob*).
  7. Actually despite my bravado crap from a few months ago where I stated that it would be too like sitting in an INSET for me, I did really want to go and was just a scaredy cat about being able to find a sponsor and meeting new people.
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  1. Dawnie Brown says

    For someone who didn't attend you've done a good job of summarising it lol. Next year you have to be there (someone has to help Lexy carry all those bags!)

  2. Mammywoo says

    You forgot

    – that if I don't get a ticket next year mammywoo will kick my arse from here to London so I'll be there whether I like it or not


    – I am a very good friend and support when my friends need me.

    I lub Yao. x

    Ps- I love yao

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I will be there whether they actually have the event or not. I will be standing outside the venue in a giant bug costume shouting "give me my freebies!"

    • KatieB says

      You also forgot to add

      – I must attend Cybermummy next year because I have promised to paint lots of faces there!

      I won't forget you know ;0)

      p.s. great post, just think how fab next years will be when you have actually been! xx

  3. says

    Ooh I wonder who the arsea were? I keep seeing this mentioned. The loot dd look fantatic didn't it? Theres a post that's listed it all and it does look fabulous. Next year I'd really like to go too. There are so many mums I'd love to meet and most of the speakers sound really good too.

  4. says

    and you also forgot:

    – I have to go next year so that Carole won't be the only newbie standing in a corner looking like a rabbit in headlights.

    We must get brave and get sponsors – we have a whole year. we can do it! *supportive cheer*
    *waves pompoms*
    *feels like a twit*
    *puts pompoms down*
    *runs away*

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's alright Mcai7td3 and Waterbirthplease will be newbies too. Oh and Jenny, Helen and Lauren! We'll be fine.

      Won't we?

  5. says

    I was a scaredy cat and still kicking myself for not having the balls to introduce myself to more people. But, I loved it and it's boosted my confidence. Really hope you go next year!

  6. says

    We'll all start planning now for Cybermummy 12!!! I'd definitely do things differently now I know what's what…and I'd pay more attention to trying to meet up with the people I really want to meet. Hope we'll all be there next year!!! xxx

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I think I'd have to write a list of who I want to meet, possibly with their avatars next to the name so I can twig it!

  7. says

    I really want to go next year too! Love your point about the 'cool people'. So true! We had a group of people in the year above us who we nicknamed the 'cool crew' because they thought they were too good to talk to us, all the guys thought they were going to be rappers when they were older. Now 10 years later, most of them still live with their parents and have never even had a job or moved away, let alone made it as a 'rapper' or music star! 😉

  8. WelshMum says

    Fab post!

    I too would like to attend next year, we have 12 months to sort it out!

    Can you think of any Welsh sponsors that we should approach?


    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I will be going. Even if the event doesn't happen, I will be going! I shall stand outside in a bug costume sobbing at the injustice of the situation.

  9. says

    Great post – I enjoyed the jealous tweets we all shared that weekend whilst wishing we were there. Would love to go next year too (if I am still attempting a blog). would be lovely to put some faces to names x

  10. says

    I hope our little #mumentum group didn't appear to be a cool crew. There's nothing we love more than meeting new people. Great great post. Looking forward to seeing you next year xxxxx

  11. says

    This was very funny. I didn't realise the mummy community had a cool crew! I thought it was All Mums In The Same Boat philosophy. Perhaps I'm being thick (or male, or both!). So who are these cool dudes? Do they wear sunglasses even when it's dark and hang out in Boujis? I guess human nature is competitive, so no reason why the mummy blogging community should be any different

  12. says

    If I wasn't at Glasto I would've dragged you there, ticket or no ticket! Next year we will be there, we will get Wendy to pick us up in her 7 seater Santa Fe and we can eat minstrels and take pictures of phone boxes, eat loads of cupcakes, drink loads of wine and crash out in posh hotels with lovely cushions on the beds……oh and hopefully there will be another party where we can decorate a certain pleasurable item……….
    I cannot wait!

    • says

      Helen you described the day so accurately – great ability to be succinct compared to my ability to ramble on and on and on…. x

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