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For quite a lot of the people I 'socialise' with through social media, this weekend meant one thing and one thing only: CyberMummy. However, for me it meant one thing and one thing only: Summer Fayre.

Being a teacher doesn't only include the teaching hours that are the obvious part of the job, we are also directed to work other events as well such as parents' evenings and school fayres. Which is why, as much as I protested months ago that I wasn't interested in CyberMummy and it would feel like an INSET day, in the end I couldn't go because I had to paint eleventy billion pink butterflies on little girls' snotty faces.

And it turned out that when the decision was taken away from me, I actually really wanted to go.


Anyway, I then tried to fill my weekend with as much fun and games in other ways that I could. Here's the proof:


[nggallery id=12 class="shutterset_%GALLERY_NAME%"]

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  1. says

    I felt like that last year about CM so I was glad to go this year. Those are wonderful painted faces though so just think how happy you made the children instead!

  2. says

    I missed out last year so was determined to go this year however, you're a good hand at butterflies and not a drop of snot in sight. see you at Cybermummy 12

  3. says

    I was sad not to go either so how about we both go next year and you make your fortune with those fab face-painting skills and give me half the money cos I came up with the idea?

  4. says

    You are very talented when it comes to face painting! Bet the children loved it.

    I love seeing photos of The Boy. Only been following your blog for 4ish months and can see how much he's changed already.
    Such a "grown up" little boy now.

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