ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Should Have Done Better

Hopefully you know the drill by now; there's one post that we've written that we were proud of, that we put the final punctuation mark to and thought "yep, that's a good one! They're going to love it!"

And then either no bugger read it, or, like I've had this week, about 50 people read it but no-one commented!

I used to think it was the stats that counted, but I've recently realised that it's the comments; they confirm that your writing is decent and that your readers find your ramblings enjoyable.

Hence this linky to help other ShowOff the posts that were underappreciated. This weekend, I'd like you to help those post sto hold their heads up high! Brush them off, stick my badge at the bottom of the post and show them off for everyone to see. Don't be ashamed of them, help them shout at everyone: I SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER!

ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for this. This post was very meaningful to me and hardly anyone commented. Those who did got hung up on giving me their Bambi experiences. It was about introducing my daughter to the fact that different families have different people in them. It was not about Bambi!

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