David Bailey in the Making!

We went out for tea earlier to Pizza Express, using some of the fabulous Tesco Clubcard exchange vouchers. The Boy was a little trouper throughout; he was so well behaved and ate such a huge amount of his tea up, I was really proud of him. Afterwards we went for a walk and I took some photos on the iPod Touch. I've just gone to upload the photos and discovered 360 images on there! It transpires that my son knows about the camera function on it! There are an awful lots of terribly repetitive shots of very random things; 39 images of his knee in the car for example. However, there are some quite amusing ones which I wanted to share!

Pulling silly faces!

And then there is the world as seen from The Boy's vantage point. There were an awful lot of his face and of his knees!

I quite like the shadow of the lamp actually, but yes, that's his knee along the bottom of it. I might spend a little time showing him how to take a photo of something!

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  1. says

    Love it. I did the same with the little one. I think you can see on my FB a whole sequence we took. Just a shame it's not a better camera eh? those are adorable photo's

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    It's a great idea and he is so cute – I love the ones he took of himself 🙂 sooooo mischievous xx


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