Excuse me, but has anyone seen my son around?

He's about 93cm tall, beautiful dark blond hair, eyes that change from blue-green-brown, a beautiful smile that reaches up to and beyond his eyes, and a loving and friendly personality. He is caring and compassionate, he is polite and courteous. He eats everything put in front of him without questioning, he does everything that is asked of him without complaint. He is a little treasure and bundle of joy. Everyone thinks so.

So have you seen him? Do you know where he is?

Because someone seems to have flipped a switch in my son and turned off all of the above personality traits. Someone has removed all manners and courtesy from my son. SOMEONE has made him an argumentative and stroppy little bugger!

And that SOMEONE had better return him by morning because I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

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  1. says

    Ooh has he thrown himself to the ground yet? My niece has started doing that. It's funny to watch but DEFINITELY would not be if it was baby boy doing it.

  2. says

    I went outside to my husband earlier with tears in my eyes and said 'you can have him now, I've had enough'……J then played happily in the stones we were laying in the front garden for over an hour….if I put a pile of stones in his sandpit he wouldn't play in it for 5 minutes!!!

  3. KatieB says

    Oh honey <<>> it is awful/upsetting/frustrating but it will pass. Lil miss has just started, every time we say no or she gets frustrated cause she can't do anything cue diva style strop, it includes not being able to get out of her car seat (we had full on screaming for the last 45 mins of our journey to the caravan last wk, felt like hrs!) Unfortunately it also means she's whingey for most of the day, tired and not settling at night. Pretty sure the teeth are playing a part too…nasty buggers! xxx

  4. Michelle Twin Mum says

    Sorry you won't be pleased to hear that this made me chuckle! My kids frequently get replaced with awful little so and so's. As one stage passes the next comes, constistency and patience are the keys and you will come through this and your gorgeous little man will return.

    Mich x

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