Listography: Inventions

The Listographer extrodinaire has given us what she feels is a simple theme this week:

This weeks theme is Inventions, or if you will Inventions that-would-make-my-life-easier.

And she's right it's not as difficult as you'd initially think! I will say one thing though; I'm pinching back my Money Tree idea that she has 'borrowed'.

  1. A food replicator: I know it sounds bizarre doesn't it? However, ever since I was a Trekkie as a teenage (ST:TNG if you please), I have been fascinated with the replicators. Imagine this, you've walked in from a really hard day in work and do not have the energy to cook from frozen, let alone fresh. In fact, you've forgotten to do the shopping so there's nothing in the freezer anyway! Walk to the hole in the wall, speak into it and within 30 seconds it has replicated the exact meal that you have placed an order for, even down to the parmesan shavings on the top. Blame Picard for this one: "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!"
  2. A universal translator: Imagine if we could understand not only foreign languages, but what our toddlers or babies were trying to tell us. Better still, we could get the husbands to use them so they understood what we were actually going on about!
  3. Hover skateboard: I'm stealing this idea from Back to the Future 2 here, but how cool would that be? It wouldn't make my life easier, apart from nipping around the playground in order to get to those naughty boys quicker, but it would be cooler than a cool thing!
  4. An automatically weeding flowerbed: I find it boring, stressful, difficult, tiring, awkward and painful to weed the flower beds. Yet I like having a tidy and pretty garden! I would like to be able to press a button and have everything weed-free and the lawn mown.
  5. A Money Tree: It was my idea first! Ha! As I said back then "Those who say 'money doesn't buy happiness' have clearly been in the position to experience it! I am not asking for a ridiculous amount of money, but enough so that I don't have to work. Oh and possibly so we can have a porch and a conservatory". Well we have a porch now, courtesy of my mum lending us the money, but I'd still like to have just enough to not have to work, a pretty little tree in the garden would be so convenient!

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  1. The Rambling Pages says

    Great list, love the idea of playing on a hover skateboard, although would probably have to fit my boys for it!

  2. says

    The universal translator is a must in all relationships. What she says and what she means are two completely different things. 'How are you, love?' 'Fine'. (Translation: You stayed out at the pub way past your permission time and you haven't groveled enough yet for you to be in my good books)

  3. says

    I love the automatic weeder. My garden is being overrun by them and I never seem to know the difference either. The Universal Translator is an absolute must. Get inventing 🙂

  4. says

    Need the weed sorter outer as have far too many and far too tall nettles etc.
    But I like your translator best except when him not understanding me and my motives works to my advantage.

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