Review: Bit Bike

We have been very lucky to be asked to review one of the fabulous BitBikes,  from Barcelona duo Sergi & Marc.

And it really is fabulous, The Boy is a child obsessed! He had recently become very interested in the Tiger Trike that he'd been given for his first birthday, but with the advent of his second birthday we thought he might find this innovative design more interesting. I do like being right.

The BitBike is a different style of ride-along to others already on the market. There are no traditional handlebars, instead there is a handle cut into the chassis of the bike which promotes the correct riding position from a young age. The forward position which the rider sits in allows good control and The Boy can steer really easily.

My husband has always been a keen cyclist, but hasn't had much chance to get out on his bike for the last few years. I'm a scaredy cat on a bike, I learnt in the lane behind my friend's house. Problem is that it was a straight lane so I never learnt how to steer! When it comes to teaching The Boy in the future, it's going to be hubby that teaches him, not me. When he saw this, he was thoroughly impressed with it. There aren't many ride-ons nowadays that have only two wheels, the BitBike does. There are two really wide wheels which are so sturdy that there is hardly any wobble when The Boy is riding about.

It's a really attractive and smart bike. It's also incredibly light. Not only does that make it easier for The Boy to steer, but it also makes it really easy to carry if you're out and about. The integral handlebars also make for a great carry handle, or there is a lightweight canvas bag with a shoulder strap.

Practical points aside, The Boy loves this bike, he finds it easy to climb on and off, to steer and to push along. Aimed at 18-36 months olds, The Boy at 2 years is really reaping the benefit and enjoyment out of it.

For more information on The BitBike, click here.

I was provided with the BitBike for review purposes. My opinions are, as always, honest and unbiased.

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