The Gallery: Daddy

With the impending celebration of all things daddy this weekend, Tara has set us a challenge of giving some big Gallery love to the men in our families:

Your children's dad, your dad, father in laws, grandpas . . .

Now on this blog, Mr. andMe doesn't tend to get much of a look-in. He gets occasionally referred to as hubby and 'daddy' but generally doesn't get talked about. Thing is this man is the rock in my life and he probably doesn't realise how much he is needed and loved in our family. He is the calm to my storm and is an amazing husband. I am in awe of how much patience he has with The Boy, such a patient teacher and friend to him.

When The Boy was born, he needed to go onto oxygen straight away. He had a little rest on my chest for the minimal amount of time, but then straight over to be assessed and sorted out. I could see hubby was torn, but I told him straight away that he needed to go to him. Our tiny little bundle that was whimpering and so very unhappy. This was the first photo taken where we were really allowed physical contact, and fittingly it is of my two boys.



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