The Boy's Birthday

My darling precious bundle of happiness turned two years old at 9.35 this morning. We've had a super day celebrating his birthday. I'm absolutely shattered after all the preparation, anxiety and entertaining so will share these photos as a record of his 2nd birthday.

Presents for Breakfast

The Birthday Cake

Party Food

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  1. says

    The cupcakes too!! Looks really really lovely. His face with the cake says it all so all your hard work was worth it. Really like the elephant jim jams btw.

  2. says

    This looks like such a lovely birthday. And you worked so hard – well done, hope you're proud!x (still in love with The Boy's pjs)

  3. says

    It all looks amazing. Well done you putting all that effort in.
    The Boy looks so pleased with his cake! Did he blow the candles out himself?

    The boys sleepsuit is adorable [note to self, get Charles some decent sleepsuits]

  4. says

    All looks so lovely, you genius woman!! I just noticed the wheels on the car and what they're made of. And the cupcakes look amazing. Did you even get to bed last night? Some amazing memories here!

  5. says

    How brilliant! I take it he likes cars? … a Jeremy Clarkson in the making? Hope you enjoyed it as much as he obviously did. Fantastic cake idea btw.

  6. Jenny Paulin says

    Happy birthday again gorgeous boy! Your mum went to so much trouble for your party and the photos probably don't do it justice enough! The cakes and birthday cake look fantastic. What a clever mummy you have xx

  7. says

    It looks like such a fantastic party! I don't dare to show my little man the photos of that sand/water table – he'd be very jealous! Everything looks fab and The Boy looks absolutely delighted with his cake, as he should be, it's ace! Well done you x

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