ShowOff ShowCase: The One About Birthdays

I like a good old birthday celebration. For my 21st my family and I went to London, for hubby's 30th I took him to Edinburgh for a surprise weekend away, on my 30th we stayed in a swish local hotel and then had a big garden party back at our house. I love it all; from the beginning stages of choosing the theme to making sure the balloons hang just so, and everyone getting their allocated party bag. Until The Boy was born, we had a little bit of a lull in reasons for a celebration. My son's first birthday was the perfect excuse to go overboard and plan a fabulous little birthday party for him.

It's The Boy's 2nd birthday tomorrow and so I am in full party-planning mode! Bring on the cast-iron cake tin, roll out the vibrant plastic 'crockery' and puff up your lungs in preparation for the balloons; he's going to be celebrating in style.

Therefore the theme for this weekend's ShowOff ShowCase is birthdays. I'd like you to dig out a post that you have on celebrating getting older; you, your children, your parents, when you were a teenager, a 'special' birthday, a magical party that you've been to, a dodgy party that you've been to!

Link up below and please add the badge using the html to your post so we can hop around and read all the other little birthday tales!

ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. says

    I love parties too, the planning and everything about them, well possibly not the cleaning up afterwards so much!

    Hope you and the boy enjoy the party (and the cake comes out well!)

  2. Him Up North says

    In a show of complete self-centredness I've submitted my vlog from my 40th birthday last year! 🙂

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