Good Bloggers Pay it Forward

It's true. Blogging as a simple exercise is a way of recording your thoughts, feelings and daily events. But blogging is so much more than that now, and for the vast majority of us it is about belonging to part of a community. There are the Elders and the Newbies. Having only started blogging in December of last year, I am still a Newbie. However, I do get the basic concepts and I like to support other bloggers. So I'm being a female and older version of Haley Joel Osment and joining in the meme where we are Good Bloggers (Who) Pay it Forward.

Now I have been awarded this pretty little badge by the ever-so-talented culinary genius that is Helen from The Crazy Kitchen and therefore hold the responsibility of nominating five lovely individuals that I think will pass the flame on in true Olympic-Blogging style.

Lauren at The Real Housewife of Suffolk County

Lexy at MammyWoo (just do it woman!)

Christine from Thinly Spread

Susanne at GhostWriter Mummy

Keith at Reluctant Housedad

These fortunate souls must now carry the beacon of loveliness by following these five simple rules:

1. Put the badge at the top of your post

2. Refer to the lovely blogger who awarded it

3. Pass it on to five others


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