I am beginning to panic.

Why am I panicking? "You are normally a beacon for tranquility" I hear you all chorus (not quite loudly enough, especially those of you at the back)

In just over two weeks it will be The Boy's birthday. This is a time to celebrate and be happy; plan a party and have a great time spoiling my little cherub. So why am I panicking?

Because I haven't done a thing towards his party yet at all! Or so it feels like it. Last year, I'd been preparing this moment for months and months. I'd been making Very Hungry Caterpillar bunting to hang around the garden. I'd bought all the tableware. I'd weeded, or rather had cajooled husband and, on one occasion, my mother into weeding (my pelvis was still dodgy from the SPD). The patio furniture had been sanded down and everything looked stunning.

However, this time I'm having issues. Hubby is useless at weeding and I still can't physically manage it. I don't need to make bunting because I have 50 metres of the stuff from last year. I can't find any tableware to go with my theme of 'cars'. That's 'cars' with a lowercase 'c' not 'Cars' as in the Disney film because I don't want that. I want 'cars'. And here's the other problem: even if I could find tableware for the party, I don't have a table to put the stuff on since I made hubby bin the main component of our patio furniture set. Oh don't worry, the benches and chairs are going  to follow in the next few days.

Why am I doing this so close to The Boy's birthday? Well the wasps are eating it. Or nesting in it. Or something. Whatever they're doing to it, it's covered in the damn things. And after nine years, I really do feel that I deserve some new patio furniture. Aside from the wasps molesting the wood, it's also had several winters of being left out uncovered and so has warped and is now splintering. Not safe, not comfortable and more importantly not attractive in my perfectly south-facing beautiful paradise.

So now, this weekend I need to find a new garden furniture set.

Which is just as well because Tesco Direct have a whole load of them on offer this forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend! Hooray for the place where every little helps!

This is an editorial post for which I was sponsored. The links were put in on behalf of Tesco Direct, but the rambling content is mine; they can get their own.

And I really do need new furniture because the wasps are eating it, why would I make that up?


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  1. says

    Sounds to me from Twitter and here that you have done an awful lot already – even if some of it is just thinking and planning. It also sounds like you went above and beyond last year so don't set you benchmarks too high. At 2, it will be the little things that he notices and may not remember any of it! You know what they're like. Buy them a great pressie in a box and they'll play with the box. Don't pressure yourself

  2. says

    It'll all be fine, as long as there is cake & cars The Boy & everybody else will be happy…….you don't need themed tableware (says she that spent ages sourcing Mickey Mouse stuff!), white or plain coloured table covering & plates works just as well, just get a car helium balloon for the centre. and if you don't get your patio furniture in time then just use a paste table – no-one will know as long as its covered in food!

  3. lozzi84 says

    My son is 2 in just over 3 weeks. We have no plans yet. None. After the near mental breakdown suffered by organising & orchestrating his 1st party I have to say I'm tempted to not do anything!
    Don't pressure yourself. Can you remember your second birthday?
    As long as The Boy has some toys & some jelly & ice-cream I'm sure he'll have a perfectly good time.

  4. itsamumsworld says

    I feel your panic! We did a joint party for ours this year as their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, and hubby was on a stag do the weekend of our 4yo's birthday. He didn't see why him arriving home an hour before the party might be an issue, he figured it gave us plenty of time to organise everything, but I wasn't so sure!

    Anyway, that's me not you, sorry to ramble. Just relax, because the party will happen, and everything will be just fine! If it's any help, I found some great stuff on ebay shops for our party, and they all did really quick delivery. Things like cake toppers, party bags etc. We also shopped around the supermarkets and bought a little present for each child that fitted in with our theme, instead of typical party bag fillers. For under £1.50 (roughly the price of 3 bits of 'party bag fillers') you can get a really substantial toy that the children can take away.

    Just enjoy it, I'm sure the Boy will! x

  5. @somethingblue_2 says

    It sounds like you're more organised than you think! I share your feelings of panic though. As you know, JW's birthday is the day before The Boy's & I've given myself the task of organising not one but TWO birthday parties for him! One on the Saturday for family & one on the Sunday for a few of his little friends. I have done nothing other than send out invites and I've no idea where to start! Argh! Great post x


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