Time to breathe

I sat down in the driver's seat and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Not only because I knew the reason behind The Boy's raging temperature and whimpering last night (ear infection) but also because I was about to have a guaranteed two hours ahead of me where the only person I had to think about was me. Sounds selfish doesn't it?

Buckling up my seatbelt, sliding the car into first and feeling that initial burst of energy from the engine as I drove to my dentist's appointment filled me with mixed emotions. I'm petrified of the dentist, I have really weak teeth and nearly every tooth that could have a filling, has one. However the opportunity to focus on just me for a short time, especially after the terrible night that we've just had, was welcome.

Then of course is the obligatory guilt at leaving The Boy, especially when he is poorly. I should be with him, giving him cuddles, nursing him to sleep, making him feel better. Instead I am entrusting him into my mum's more than capable arms so I can go and be told that I need falsies, or something else just as frightening.

Driving to the other side of Cardiff for the appointment is not as irritating when I'm on my own, because I like driving. That scene in 'What Women Want' where Mel Gibson is explaining the advert for trainers and how when women run it's just them and the road is how it is for me and driving. I enjoy driving, I like judging the distances, paying attention to others around me, adjusting routes etc. When you have a little one in the car with you, you're too busy picking up the toy they've just dropped, making sure the sun isn't in their eyes, not crashing and singing along to Bangra Beat. Now don't get me wrong, I like The Zingzillas but there's only so much Zak a woman can take. I'd rather be serenaded by Robbie and Gary.

My point of all this waffle is that every so often all mummies need some time on their own. Even if it is only to be told that you need a filling in one tooth and potentially root canal surgery on another.

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  1. Mcai7td3 says

    Yes!! Know exactly what you mean. OH came home early today and I ran out for a quick shopping trip. Sometimes you just need "me" time. Hope Boy gets better soon.

  2. says

    I'm with you on this, although I've always had really mixed feelings over "me time".
    For almost 2 years I've spent every.single.day with Charles, and now when I go out without him or am by myself I feel a bit lost and really vulnerable. I almost don't know what to do and just want to shut myself away until I'm with him again. I guess he's like my comfort blanket now.
    Saying that, after 5 months of him not having daytime naps I now force him to have one every afternoon, just so I can breathe and just have a bit of time to myself.

    Hope everything was ok at the dentist and that The Boy is better very soon x

  3. says

    I feel your pain – my teeth are really weak too (I blame my braces, when they came out half my teeth came with them) and just before Easter I was told I needed 3 fillings and a root canal 🙁 One would argue that perhaps it was my own silly fault for not going to the dentist for 2 years…..

    I love driving too 🙂

    Hope it went ok and you enjoyed your Boy free hours 🙂

  4. @somethingblue_2 says

    I think it's all part and parcel of motherhood – needing the time out but feeling guilty about it at the same time! I can sympathise entirely although I'm not sure anything could make me feel good about a trip to the dentist. I'm terrified of the dentist – so much so that I haven't been for five years! I also love to drive, I find it calming!

  5. says

    we all need 'me' time, I look forward to my hairdressers appointment around every 2 or 3 months that gives me a chance to drink a full cup of coffee and read a magazine, it's sad the little things we look forward to!
    I hope the Boy is feeling better this evening & you all have a good nights sleep

  6. says

    I completely understand your predicament.
    Pie has had an ear infection too and it is physically draining when they are ill.

    Driving is that little pocket of freedom

    I hope things are improving for you


  7. says

    I love the fact that the prospect of a root canal feels like a blessed relief from the demands of motherhood! It really made me smile. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather face the dentist's drill than put up with the drill-like whining of my three kids bickering. They're not too bad, really. Very much enjoyed your 'waffle'!

  8. Alli Marshall says

    Here Here – Mummy's need Me time too!

    Me time is a very precious commodity in my life as I have 4 children.

    My Me time now consists of trips to the hairdressers every couple of months.

    I have recently started walking for an hour each morning and I am really enjoying this Me time as it allows me to wander off into my own little day dream world – well actually it allows me to collect my thoughts and write numerous to do lists in my head – but I do think it has relieved some of the Mum stress.

    Never feel guilty for wanting Me time!

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